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Quality Focus

Ittiam’s Quality Policy is founded on company’s Passion, Vision, Focus, and Stakeholders in its journey. The policy has been defined and managed over the years by senior Ittiam management – the Ittiam Leadership Team.

To create a world-class technology company from India.

To be a leading solutions provider for media creation, management and delivery.

The focus of Ittiam’s product line covers the following:

  • Audio, image, video processing and related core technologies for media creation, management and delivery.
  • Media codecs, media systems, communication stacks, application software for embedded and cloud platforms.
  • Solutions for multimedia workflows for public / private cloud infrastructure.
  • Hardware designs and turnkey solutions for multimedia applications.

Stakeholders in Ittiam’s Journey

Ittiam intends to create high value for its stakeholders – Customers and Partners, People (Employees) and Investors.

Stakeholders in Ittiam’s Journey

Quality Policy Statement

“To fully meet commitments to all our stakeholders by complying with Quality Management System and deliver to or above their expectations through continual improvement.”

To realize the company’s vision to deliver leading solutions to customers, it has to fully meet its commitments to all its stakeholders. If a company has to fully meet its commitments towards customers, it also needs to make sure its commitment towards other stakeholders namely employees and investors are also met.

A quality response to requests from all the stakeholders ensures success of the company. This needs that company builds a quality relationship with all the stakeholders and partner with everyone.

AS9100 Certification

The latest version of Ittiam’s Quality Management System is based on AS9100C standard. This rigorous quality management standard for Aerospace and Defense products has been adapted to suit the diverse product development activities in Ittiam. Product development teams within Ittiam’s Industrial and Defense Solutions business unit fully implement this AS9100C standard based QMS and are undergoing certification to seek full compliance to the AS9100C standard.

Ittiam Media SDKs (adroitSDK) house dedicated, field-proven algorithms and techniques at numerous levels providing system-level optimizations for media codecs, media pipelines, streaming algorithms, device drivers and media framework to achieve the most optimal video quality when streaming over wireless networks. Few of the highlights of Ittiam’s offering for wireless streaming are:
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