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Ittiam offers a variety of career opportunities across all business units and across skill levels. We continue to seek candidates who have unquestionable integrity, unflinching commitment, and uncompromising excellence as values that drive them in life. We look for people who are not only able to collaborate but also work in a team to achieve goals set out for them. We are focused on attracting and developing talent in an environment that thrives on innovation, a great corporate culture and some of the brightest co-workers anywhere. We understand that talented professionals are our only asset that contributes to our vision of enabling the growth of online video services by providing audio-video Intellectual Property solutions which help customers build great end products. Ittiam believes in equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of personal characteristics and traits. Join our team as we transform the way people engage with ideas to create Intellectual Properties (IPs) that reside in millions of electronic devices we use around the world.

Being an Ittian could mean many different things to aspiring young professionals. It certainly means getting a chance to work with some of the brightest and the most experienced minds in the business of IP development. It also means getting a chance to work on some of the most interesting, useful, modern and cutting-edge technologies that are out there today. It further means getting a chance to make a real difference, and contribute technically in creating many different products that are manufactured and sold all over the world. And, one must not forget that this exposure, these opportunities are thrown at people at a relatively young age with fewer years of industry experience.

As an Ittian, one would get to be a part of huge range of activities starting with generating an idea, to engineering that idea, to seeing it reach the market for people to use. The focus on generating Intellectual Property ensures that an Ittian always has the ‘nourishment’ that an engineer’s mind would seek, and that the opportunities to innovate never stop.

It’s quite easy to enjoy the atmosphere at Ittiam. People are welcoming, work is fun, there is enough freedom to voice, apply one’s ideas, and the air around seem filled with creativity. Needless to say, there are the non-work activities that keep one relaxed from one’s work. These activities cater to many different people and their hobbies. It’s the kind of place where individuals can be themselves, express themselves – in their work and otherwise – and while they work on creating technical innovation, and on honing their own skills, have a lot of fun.

Ittiam is a technology company focused on embedded systems for digital media applications. Our offerings in multimedia includes core media processing technologies to complete systems covering hardware and software. Ittiam’s Silicon IP group’s products include the latest Wi-Fi technologies for SOC and wireless system makers.

Ittiam’s technology and systems are quietly powering multiple end-products that people marvel at. From latest in-flight entertainment systems in Airbus 380s, media rich mobile phones, Wi-Fi based SOC solutions to mission-critical applications for defense and government systems.

It is not surprising that Ittiam has been chosen to be the “World’s Most Preferred DSP IP Supplier” by Forward Concepts for 5 years in a row – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. We have also been awarded “IT Innovation Award” by NASSCOM in 2007, Red Herring’s Asia Top 100 in 2005 and Red Herring Worldwide Top Tech Finalist in 2007. Ittiam has filed 48 patents till date, of which 29 have already been granted by the United States Patents and Trademarks Office and 50 more are in the proposal stage.

We are looking for engineers who can take the challenge of developing a “thought” through to “product realization”. We need people who want to make a career in technology and specialize in embedded systems for digital media applications and wireless technology solutions.

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