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Being an Ittian

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Being an Ittian

Ittiam is a technology company focused on catering to the special demands of the online video segment. We want to be the world’s best technology product company from India.  That’s our passion.  And we know when people are passionate about what they are doing; they are driven to make things work.  That is what stares at you at Ittiam – the challenge of developing a thought to product realization.  Here, you not only get to acquire deep technology expertise but also deeper understanding of applications and ability to make technology work. That is one reason Ittiam solutions have been designed into some of the defining applications that are coming to market now and in the near future.

Should you want to make a career in technology then Ittiam is the place to be.  Every Ittian is a connecting dot in the system.  You get to become one.  You get to interact with talented engineers in a truly collaborative office environment.  There is implicit trust with people, be it Ittians or partners; fresher or experienced.  We believe people are inherently responsible and know their deliverables.  So while policies act as guidelines, the practice is what makes the difference.  And we know what it takes to do the right thing.  Also, being in a smaller organization pretty much gives you the opportunity to walk up to any one and put across your thoughts.  You get to take on more responsibility for which you might have not tested yourself.

If you have what it takes to be part of our journey, then this is the time to drop in your resume to

We have realized that career passion is about how your work makes you feel inside.  For which, the technical knowledge of block diagrams and alternative solutions is necessary but not sufficient.  An Ittian’s personality not only gets groomed within the team but also through various developmental interventions, thus creating an environment which stimulates growth.

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