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Being responsible towards one’s eco-system has been integral to Ittiam’s culture since its establishment in 2001. The first step towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative was taken in July 2001 when Ittiam sponsored a team for FACT Quiz – a fund raising activity organized by CRY (Child Relief and You). In 2002, a team named Spandana was formed with the commitment towards active participation in social initiatives. These social initiatives are targeted at contributing to social welfare, essentially to make a difference to society.
Spandana believes that the smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention. Different activities organized by this team enable Ittians to connect with the underprivileged and with various social causes. Ittiam strongly believes that it builds positivity and responsiveness among Ittians.

At Ittiam, we have made small and consistent strides to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle waste. Annual events like ‘Dunk the Junk’, ‘Think Before You Throw’ facilitate collection of dry waste, paper waste, e-waste and recyclable materials like books and clothes. We have had long association with Parisara, the eco wing of Samarthanam and the other organizations listed below.

Samarthanam Parisara is a Waste Management Programme initiated in 2003. It has emerged as a reliable waste management partner with its state-of-the-art waste management technologies, transport and handling equipment, and prompt service.

Goonj is a non-government organization which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 21 states across India. It also runs infrastructure and local development projects in villages and slum areas.

Eco-watch was established in 1998 with the key objective of spreading a message of environmental conservation through relevant, focused yet diverse programs and activities. These outreach activities are aimed at building awareness about various environmental issues and concerns among student communities, organizations, corporate entities and the masses, in a simple yet effective manner.

Prudent Ecosystems is a waste management company which was founded to create a positive social change – one garbage bin at a time!

Donating blood directly contributes to betterment of fellow human beings. Ittiam has partnered with Rotary-TTK Blood Bank since 2002 for blood donation camps. Till now, we have organized around 20 camps.
Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) is a not-for-profit organization of the Rotary Club of Bangalore and TTK group of companies.

In line with team Spandana’s belief, Ittians have been actively participating and contributing towards different Employee Giving programs voluntarily through fund raising events or through donations.

Fund raising events participation

Ittiam has participated in fund raising events of NGOs by representing Ittiam team or by organizing Exhibition cum Sale of their products. Some of the NGOs events that we have participated are Baldwin Opportunity School, CRY (Child Relief and You), Concern India Foundation and Maya Organic.
Maya Organic is a livelihood development initiative involved in developing a network of artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high quality wooden products.
Child Relief and You commonly abbreviated as CRY is a non-profit organization aiming to restore children's rights.
Concern India Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable trust working towards helping people help themselves.
Baldwin Opportunity School is a pioneering Institution in the field of Special Education, founded by Miss Anne Tillou and American Missionary in the year 1964. The school is for children who are Intellectually Challenged in the mild and moderate category.

Contributions to calamity relief funds

Whenever there has been a natural calamity Ittians have donated to help those who were at the receiving end amidst these calamities.
Below is a list of our contributions towards calamity relief funds.
  • In Sep 2014, contributions to Prime Minister's Fund towards Kashmir Flood Relief
  • In Jul 2013, contributions to Prime Minister's Fund towards Uttarakhand Flood Relief
  • In Oct 2009, contributions to Chief Minister's Fund towards North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Floods
  • In Sep 2008, contributions to Prime Minister's Fund towards Bihar Relief Fund
  • In Dec 2004, contributions to the Prime Minister's Fund towards Tsunami Relief Fund

Contributions to social causes

Ittians have donated money to different foundations which support people with impairment and the helpless orphans.
Below is a list of our contributions towards social causes.
  • In Jun 2015, supported KPAMRC (Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Citizens) to complete their 5th and last unit of residential building.
  • In Jan 2013, sponsored a day's lunch at Rakum School of Blind, Karunashraya and Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation Society.
  • In Sep 2011, contributions to Sandhya Kirana, day care facility for senior citizens which is run by BBMP, Shanthinagar.
  • In Jun 2011, sponsored mid-day meal for children of Good Neighbours, White Field Center.
  • In Apr 2009, contributions towards medical expenses of one of our maintenance staff
  • In Dec 2007, contributions to Dr. Ambedkar Educational Trust - a children's orphanage in Ejipura to pay the security deposit for their new premises.
  • In Oct 2006, we aided in buying 12 hearing aids to Shastri School of Deaf and Dumb School
  • In July 2005, supported Vocational Training Program for 3 months for Outreach Onsite.
  • In Aug 2002, supported the food expenses for 3 months for NGO, Maya Organic's children center at Ramanagaram.
  • In Sep 2002, we helped an acid victim
  • In Feb 2002, supported a family of four which was affected by burst of gas cylinder
The Sri Rakum School for the Blind is a blind school in the city of Bangalore, India. It is for children who were born blind or visually impaired. It offers free education to blind students from kindergarten to post-graduation. The training imparted includes reading and writing through Braille and mobility training for totally blind children.
Sandhya Kirana is a day care facility founded with the aim of providing low-income senior citizens a place where they can spend their daytime with a range of services and facilities to fulfil their social, physical, financial and emotional needs.
Good Neighbors India is an organization which address the needs of the migrant community in Bangalore, Ethnic tribe community in Mudhumalai (Tamil Nadu) and Nomadic tribe community in Rayachooty (Andhra Pradesh).
Shastri School, an Asha for Education Project, is a school for hearing and speech impaired children located in Bangalore, India. The school teaches underprivileged children from Pre-primary to 10th grade.
OUTREACH is a registered non-profit society that has been working in drought-prone rural areas of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu since 1993.
Maya Organic is a livelihood development initiative involved in developing a network of artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high quality wooden products.
Karunashraya (provides palliative care to advanced cancer patients), Sumanahalli (leprosy rehabilitation society). The Bangalore Hospice Trust (BHT) – Karunashraya, meaning an ‘abode of compassion’ was incepted as a secular registered charitable trust by the Indian Cancer Society (Karnataka Chapter) and Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar to provide free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients who are beyond cure.
Sumanahalli Leprosy Center started as an organization that would help treat and rehabilitate the Leprosy-afflicted in and around Bangalore.
Karnataka Parents Association for Mentally Retarded Citizens
KPAMRC is an association of parents of children with disability, with members from across the state. It offers teacher training programs, including a one-year diploma in Special Education, with specializations in mental retardation, autism, and specific learning disabilities. It assists parents in setting up vocational centres, and disseminates information on various kinds of disability
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