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Ittiam's codec specialists have designed a HEVC/H.265 encoder and decoder for key strategic markets. The encoder will allow media hosts and content creates to bring rich content to their users and high resolutions and high quality. The decoder will bring about a paradigm shift in content delivery mechanisms and bring about wider adoption of the standard.
Ittiam's HEVC Encoder
Ideal for file based encoding and real-time encoding requirements. Targets high end, high quality encoding requirements in broadcast market segments, low end encoding requirements in handheld device markets.
Product features and variants:
  • Support for HEVC / H.265 Main (8-bit) and Main-10 (10-bit) profiles for pristine quality video.
  • Quality optimized and speed optimized variants. A versatile set of presets catering to various performance and video quality needs.
  • Efficient Multi-bit rate (MBR), Multi-resolution HEVC encoder for dense transcoding / encoding.
  • OpenCL based GPU accelerated variants for low power video encoding.
  • Support for HD and 4K/UHD resolutions for both real-time (live) and offline use cases.
Main Profile Supported Features:
  • I, P, B Picture encoding
  • Field (Interlaced) and Frame (Progressive) encoding
  • Configurable Max & Min Coding unit sizes (64 to 8)
  • Configurable Max & Min Transform unit sizes (32 to 4)
  • Intra prediction sizes from 64 to 4
  • Up to 4 temporal hierarchies
  • Asymmetric Motion Partitions
  • Parallel Entropy Coding option
  • Inter prediction unit sizes from 64x64 to 8x8
  • Quarter pixel motion estimation
  • Multiple reference picture support
  • Weighted prediction support
  • Slices, Tiles (for multi-core)
  • In-loop deblocking filter
  • Sample Adaptive Offset
  • Open-GOP (CRA) and Closed-GOP (IDR)
Contact us at mkt@ittiam.com for more information
Ittiam's HEVC Decoder

Multi-platform high performance solution targeting multiple ARM, Intel x86 and GPU architectures for real-time decoding requirements. Targets 4K/UHD, HD and mobile resolutions for multiple market segments. Fully compliant HEVC decoder supporting up to Main-10 profile.

Main Profile Supported Features:
Supported Features:
  • I, P B Picture decoding
  • Field (Interlaced) and Frame (Progressive) decoding
  • Support all Coding Unit sizes (64 to 8)
  • Support all Transform Unit sizes (32 to 4)
  • Support all Intra prediction sizes and modes
  • Support real time decode up to 4 temporal hierarchies
  • Support Asymmetric Motion Partitions
  • Support all Inter prediction unit sizes
  • Quarter pixel motion compensation
  • Slices
  • Tiles
  • In-loop deblocking filter
  • Sample Adaptive Offset
  • Open-GOP (CRA) and Closed-GOP (IDR)

Ittiam algorithm advantage for superior quality and performance:
  • Effective Look Ahead Processing
    • Detects Scene cut, Fades, Flashes
    • Estimates temporal and spatial complexity
    • Determines best temporal hierarchy for a given sub-gop
    • Highly optimized implementation
    • Configurable look-ahead size (delay)
  • Advance RDO Decisions
    • Multiple RDO candidates evaluated
    • RD Langrange multiplier (λ) tuned based on complexity
    • Fast decision across skip, MV merge
    • Fast transform size selection
Contact us at mkt@ittiam.com for more information
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