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Wireless Streaming

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Wireless Streaming

The entry of mobile devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets into networking deployments coupled with the pervasiveness of wireless technologies like


and cellular data have changed the dynamics of the

video networking

solutions. In a typical case, one sees both network heterogeneity (coexistence of traditional Ethernet and


networks) and device heterogeneity (multiple types of networked devices - desktop, embedded, mobile - exchanging media and information). Media servers, transcoders, network cameras or DVRs should overcome several challenges to enable quality

video streaming

to embedded/

mobile clients

over wireless networks like


Wireless Streaming, Video Networking, Video Streaming
Key Challenges for

Video Streaming

  • Available Bandwidth:


    networks offer lower bandwidth (theoretical max of 900Mbps on the latest


    standard, but less than half of the advertised speed is practically achievable) as compared to wired networks (Gigabit Ethernet - up to 1000Mbps). Furthermore,


    applications are sometimes not able to utilize the maximum available bandwidth due to channel utilization by other wireless participants and re-transmissions.
  • Interference: Interference from other wireless devices affects the signal quality and prevents


    networks from achieving its full capacity. The key impact is in terms of increased packet loss and hence higher re-transmissions.
  • Variable Channel Conditions: While mobility is a major advantage of wireless networks, it also increases variation in channel and signal conditions between the transmitter and receiver. Signal strength in relation to distance between the transmitter and receiver is subjected to inverse-square law (Ex: If distance grows by 2x, the signal strength drops by 4x). This affects the available bandwidth and eventually the achievable video quality.

Ittiam Wireless Streaming Solutions

Ittiam Media SDKs (adroitSDK) integrate dedicated, field-proven algorithms and techniques to achieve the most optimal video quality when streaming over wireless networks. Few of the highlights of Ittiam’s technologies for wireless streaming are:
  • Smart Video/Audio Coding:
      • Sub-frame video processing for improved error resilience and lower latency.
      • Special encoding schemes
        • Adaptive Intra Refresh (AIR) to counter packet loss.
        • Long Term Reference Picture (LTRP) encoding for better concealment of error due to packet losses.
      • Optimized GOP size and on-request IDR generation.
      • Loss and

        error concealment

        for audio and video at the decoder.
  • Network-Aware Media

    Rate Control

      • Patent-pending

        rate control

        algorithm for regulating the network traffic.
      • Constant Bit Rate

        (CBR) and Constrained Variable Bit Rat (CVBR) modes of streaming.
  • Adaptation to Network Characteristics:
      • Dynamic adaptation of video bit rate, frame rate & resolution based on available bandwidth for UDP/TCP streaming.
      • Client-initiated

        Adaptive Bit-Rate



        Streaming (






        , etc.).
      • Adaptive jitter handling to counter packet reordering and network jitter.
  • Traffic Prioritization using protocols and QoS mechanisms such as RSVP and other popular DiffServ and IntServ.
  • Error Control Algorithms:
      • Forward Error Correction

        (FEC) schemes to recover from losses.
  • Available on different hardware platforms including neonCaster Gen II




    based), Clove (SitaraTM


    based), iOS and Android.

Ittiam’s Wireless Streaming in Action

Wireless Streaming, Video Networking, Video Streaming
Target Applications
  • IFE and Avionics
    • BYOD

      Streaming from IFE media server, On-Board collaboration/

      screen sharing

      and interactive gaming.
  • Surveillance

    • Anywhere-monitoring of feed from industrial/home security cameras, on-the-go


      from police vehicles and integration with other


      enabled security sensors
  • Enterprise
    • Streaming of live events/corporate presentations to employee laptops, PEDs, conferencing across embedded and mobile devices and distribution of signage clips to Smart TVs and


      enabled displays
  • Medical
    • Anywhere-monitoring for patients especially in critical care, streaming of live surgeries to other consultant surgeons and interns, conferencing across devices for consultation and integration with other


      enabled patient sensors
  • Defense
    • Interactivity and control of


      s, military robots and drones from mobile devices
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