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Media Player and Head-End Server for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
Video Streaming Solutions for In Flight Entertainment (IFE), Aerial Surveillance
Android Media Player for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
Turnkey System on Module (SoM) & BSP for Airborne Data Server
Media Server for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
Video Encoder System for Airborne Recording

Video Surveillance

Digital Video Recorder for Airborne Military Surveillance
Video Transcoder for Military Surveillance Application
Turnkey Video Encoder for Surveillance Application
Video Streaming Solution for Surveillance Monitoring over Wi-Fi Networks
Video Encoder & Decoder for Surveillance Monitoring
Recording & Streaming over Wireless for Surveillance Cameras
16 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Digital Media Server for Security Application

Military & Defense

Low Latency Encoder and Low Latency Decoder for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation
Low-Power Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for Aerial Surveillance
Video Encoder & Decoder for Defense Application

Medical Imaging

Video Decoder/Player and Recorder for Medical Imaging System
Recorder/Player for Medical Documentation System
Low-Power Recorder & Player for Medical Imaging
Video Encoder Daughter Card for Medical Documentation


High Density Multi-Format Broadcast Encoder
High Quality Encoder for ISDB-T Digital Modulator
Professional Multi-format Duplex AoIP Encoder & Decoder
Dual-channel Broadcast Encoder for Sports and Digital Signage
Multi-channel Broadcast Encoder for Newsroom Video Distribution over 3G
Multi-format Encoder for Media Distribution over IP
Professional Encoder and Multiplexer for IPTV Headend
OpenGear Card based multi-channel Encoder
Multi-input Decoder for Classic/Hybrid Multiviewers
Multi Channel Video Streaming Encoder for Broadcast Application
Low-Latency Encoder for Broadcast Streaming
High Density Audio Transcoder System
Windows Media Audio Encoder in OTT Service

Enterprise Video Networking

Video Streaming System for In Train Infotainment
Low Latency Decoder for Mobile Cloud-Gaming Devices
Multi Channel Video Streaming Encoder for Broadcast Application
Low-Power Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for Enterprise Streaming
Low-Latency Encoder for Broadcast Streaming


High Performance GStreamer Plugins for Automotive OEM
Next-gen Rear Seat Entertainment for European Automotive OEM


Video Networking Solutions for Industrial and Defense
Miracast Stack for Leading Consumer Electronics Company
Audio Solutions For Consumer Devices Case Study
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