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YearPapers and PresentationPublished atAuthor/s
2013Portable and scalable solution for off-screen video frame composition and decomposition using OpenGL ES EDNSharath Kumar Bhat
2013HEVC GPU ImplementationMali Developer CenterSukanya Chandramouli
2013Real Time High Performance Multimedia Systems On Android Droid Summit, BangalorePrashanth Dixit, Santosh Holla, Ramachandra Pai
2012Design Principles for EMI/EMC Compliant, Industrial Grade Products for Global Market National Conference on Electronic Design Assembly and Reliability 2012Baskaran. B, Nazmul Hoda, Ritesh Ramesh Parekh
2012Remote Health Monitoring of an Embedded SystemEmbedded Systems Conference (ESC)IndiaKundan Kumar, Puneet Gupta, Vishnu H Prasad
2011FUSE Testing for IP based Streaming SystemsEmbedded Systems Conference (ESC)IndiaPuneet Gupta, Jagath Chandrika
2011Multi-format Index Data Structure (MIDS) for Multimedia Container Format DemultiplexersInternational Conference of Electronic Devices, Systems and Applications (ICEDSA 2011), MalaysiaSumanth SK, Namratha P, Kumar R N & Ramakrishna N
2011Quality Audio Software PipelineEmbedded Systems Conference (ESC) IndiaSubhranil Choudhury, Rajendra C Turaka
2010Integrating Audio Effects on AndroidARM IQ MagazineSonal Gupta
2010Efficient audio processing coming to low cost MicrocontrollersARM BlogPradeep D
2010Algorithmic delay and synchronization in MPEG audio codecs EETimes/ Design LineRanjani HG & Ameet Kalagi
2010Software Techniques for low power embedded AudioEmbedded World 2010ARM & Ittiam
2010Audio on ARM Cortex-M processorsARM IQ MagazinePradeep D
2010Why not do audio processing on an MCU, says ARM?Electronics WeeklyPradeep D and ShyamSadashivan, ARM
2010Replace DSP with an MCU for low-power audio application needsElectronics WeeklyPradeep D, and ShyamSadashivan, ARM
2010A low complexity approach to Loudness Compensation Audio Engineering SocietyPradeep D
2010Audio effects with G-StreamerARM TechCon 2010Sharath Holla
2009AEC-All You Wanted To Know - TechOnlinewww.techonlineindia.comPuneet Gupta, Anil Kumar
2009Selecting the Right Platform for a Media Centric Embedded System SolutionTech OnlinePuneet Gupta
2009Universal Algorithm For IR Protocol DecoderEDN.comMrinal Ray
2009Optimization of Audio Codecs on NEONARM IQ MagazineKarthick J
2009Developing Components for faster integration in Multimedia FrameworksARM Tech ConVirajkarandikar&Sonal Gupta
2009Tuning the C code for Optimal Performance on NEONARM Tech ConSharath &Raghavendra BK
2008A Unified Software Architecture For Video Convergence SolutionsEDN AsiaPuneet Gupta, Anil Kumar
2008How to get the most out of a single timer on an MCUCMP's Programmable Logic Design LineAjitBasarur, Shantanu Prabhudesai, Ritesh Ramesh Parekh
2008Dynamic MCU power managementCMP's Programmable Logic Design LineAjitBasarur, Shantanu Prabhudesai, Nazmul Hoda
2008Follow guidelines to develop an efficient portable power solutionCMP’s Power Management Design LineShantanu P Prabhudesai, Ritesh R Parekh, Pawan Kumar Gupta
2008Modeling, Analysis, Control of Chain Cell ConverterIEEE International Conference in India - POWERCON 2008 & 2008Kiran Kumar
2007A Novel Preamble Structure for Robust Timing SynchronizationTENCON - IEEE Region 10 Conference, TaipeiAmit Shaw, Satyam Srivastava
2007Meeting the Challenges of N-Way VideoconferencingDesign LineAnil Kumar
2007How to test the interconnections between FPGAs on a high-density FPGA-based boardCMP's Programmable Logic Design LineRajendra C. Turakani, Ritesh Ramesh Parekh
2007Design of a Handset for the IP Multimedia Subsystem: A Case StudyTI Developer Conference" in USAJames Sunil Selvam
2007Unified Power Management Framework for Portable Media DevicesIEEE International Conference in USAAmbudharTripathi, AjitBasarur
2007Technology Company Reduces Time to Market, Product Costs by Up to 30 PercentMicrosoft GlobalSheela Prabhakar
2006Power optimization can extend the battery life in your portable multimedia systemCMP's Mobile handset designline.comRajendra C Turakani, Krishna Kumar K
2006Optimal Resource Sharing Strategies for a Streaming SystemGSPXAbhinandan Kedlaya, Ranjith K A
2006Low Latency Streaming System Design ConsiderationsGSPXBhavani, Shishir, Vikal
2005Component selection in electronic system designTechonlineSatheesh S
2005H.264 advanced video compression standardIEEE Workshop on multimedia compressionSriramSethuraman
2005Hierarchical control FSMs to enhance control path coverageSNUG IndiaSathyanarayan B
2005A Multimedia streaming server/client framework for DM64xTI Developer’s conference, HoustonBhavani G K, Kismat Singh, NeelkanthShigihalli, SriramSethuraman
2005Portable media player based on TMS320DM320TI Developer’s conference, HoustonSatheesh S
2005Multi-format media player/recorder software design methodology for programmable processors with hardware acceleratorsICCESriramSethuraman, Murali Babu, Sankaranarayanan P, Dileep Tamia, Aditya Kulkarni, Manish Singhal
2004IP Videophone on TI DM64xTI Developer’s conference, IndiaSriramSethuraman
2004Low-cost wireless projector interface device using TI TMS320DM270ICMEArvind Raman, Mini Jain,T. C. Rajendra, S. Satheesh, SriramSethuraman, Vikal Kumar Jain, Vinayak Das
2004MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoder on TI DM642ICMEArvind Raman, Kismat Singh, Manisha Agrawal Mohan, NeelakanthShigihalli, SriramSethuraman, B.S. Supreeth
2004Removal of Birdie Artifact in Perceptual Audio CodersAudio Engineering SocietyVinod Prakash, Anil Kumar, Preethi Konda, Sarat Chandra Vadapalli
2004Efficient Bit Distribution Strategy for Stereophonic Audio CodersAudio Engineering SocietyVinod Prakash, Sarat Chandra Vadapalli
2004Optimal Bit Allocation Strategy for Perceptual Audio Coders Employing Uniform Quantization SchemesAudio Engineering SocietyPreethi Konda, Vinod Prakash
2003MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder on DM64xTI Developer’s conference, HoustonSriram Sethuraman
2003H.264 streaming client on DM64xTI Developer’s conference, IndiaSriramSethuraman, Arvind Raman, Kismat Singh, Manisha Agrawal Mohan, NeelakanthShigihalli, SriramSethuraman, B.S. Supreeth
2003Equalizer optimization under a precoded transmissionIEEE Bangalore Section, 12th annual symposium; Mobile computing and applicationsNishchay Sinha
2003Sensitivity of OFDM based WLANs to front-end impairmentsInternational signal processing conferenceRahul Garg, RoshanBaliga, SreenathRamanath
2003Optimal fixed point implementation of MPEG-4 AAC encoderInternational signal processing conferenceAshok Magadum, Vinod Prakash
2003Efficient implementation of CELP-based speech coders on TMS320C64X processorsInternational signal processing conferenceAmit Jain, Sarat Chandra Vadapalli
2003Eigen decompositions of covariance matrices on a fixed point DSPNational conference on communicationRahul Garg, T.J. Herron, K.M.Reddy, Kiran Devanahalli
2002Effective implementation of video postfiltering on the TIDSC25 platformTI DSP conference, BangaloreSriramSethuraman, Murali Babu, Amitava Deb, Sankaranarayanan P, Dileep Tamia, Sriram Sethuraman
2001Computing the eigen decomposition of a symmetric matrix in fixed-point arithmeticTenth annual symposium on multimedia communications and signal processingK.M.Reddy, T.J.Herron
2001A low complexity error concealment scheme for MPEG-4 coded video sequencesTenth annual symposium on multimedia communications and signal processingArvind Raman, Murali Babu
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