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Ittiam System’s Audio Solutions product portfolio includes a rich set of audio codecs (encoders and decoders) and post processing components for a variety of consumer, broadcast, industrial and automotive applications. With products available on several popular platforms, Ittiam’s audio products have been licensed by top OEMs, are field proven and embedded in several million products.

Ittiam’s audio products are highly optimized and provide best-in-class performance. The products are designed to deliver broadcast-grade quality and are extensively used in industries like broadcast and automotive that demand very high fidelity and reliability.

Audio Codecs

Audio Codecs
  • Audio Encoders
  • Audio Decoders

Audio Post Processing

Audio Post Processing
  • Filters: Equalizers, DRC, Peak Limiter, Sample Rate Converter, etc.
  • Effects: Virtual Surround, Stereo Widening, Reverb, etc.

Loudness Metering and Leveling

Loudness Metering and Leveling
  • CALM and EBU-R Compliant Loudness Metering and Leveling (LML) Solution
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