Fast. Simple. Vibrant.

First true HDR app to use 5 bracketed shots!

vividHDR is in a class by itself when it comes to iPhone photo apps. It’s a true HDR app that creates stunning bright and vibrant color photos.

- Marty Yawnick

vividHDR is still an excellent approach to getting good HDR photos. It is far better than the built-in Apple HDR software ... vividHDR will be among the very best HDR apps available.

- Mel Martin

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What's New

  • 5 Image HDR with Auto-select mode
  • Improved HDR algorithm and scene analysis
  • Support for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Coming soon..

  • Further quality and speed improvements


Picture Perfect

Nail the perfect picture… Automatically... Every time...

vividHDR’s sophisticated metering and exposure schemes produce great shots with up to seven stops of dynamic range beyond the native camera’s dynamic range. High precision processing on RAW images preserves all the details.
And vividHDR ensures that you don’t see halos and other common artifacts.

Just clean great results.

In A Snap

Shoot now and Style later, Ready for next shot. Real fast!

We’d like to keep you focused on the picture.. Study the scene, choose your subject, and refine the composition. The lean camera UI puts you at the center of the photographic process. And when you are ready, just snap.
vividHDR brackets, shoots and generates your HDR.With Lazy HDR, you get to choose your HDR style at leisure. Fast.. snappy fast.

And then you shoot again.

Get the desired look

Add ‘WoW..!’ Create your own style with Advanced Tone Mapping Controls

vivdHDR’s advanced tone mapping creates vibrant images while still retaining the image details and color appearance, important to get an authentic look. You always get rich details and vibrant colors.
Control the artistic style of your HDRs with preset Modes. Go Black and White if that’s your thing. Explore new styles for your HDR with Advanced Tone Mapping Controls.

And you get to choose your style even after the shot.

Super Sharp

Not just great exposure and realistic colors.

vividHDR’s advanced algorithms do a perfect job of aligning up bracketed shots. The result? Tack sharp HDRs.
Making HDRs couldn’t have been easier. No need for a tripod. No worrying about steady hands. Capture your images in lossless TIFF format to retain detail in every pixel.

You always look sharp.

Share your art

There is little art without an audience.

Share your images. Instantly. Post to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter. Without having to leave vividHDR.
Interact and get feedback from a community of like-minded iphoneographers.

#vividHDR. Spread the joy.

More than an app

Professional photography experience

You get a team of imaging professionals with a passion for producing high quality HDRs.
You get updates, you get improvements. You get our attention. We respond to your feedback.

We are committed to the art. We have the science.