October 15, 2015

7 Highlights That Make AM57x-based Clove the Perfect Solution for Low-Power Industrial Video

by Puneet Gupta (Senior Manager, System Solutions)

Embedded system designers and manufacturers often struggle to find the right balance between processing capabilities and power consumption of the hardware. This is especially true for video centric systems, where video compression/decompression, rendering graphics and imaging/vision algorithms are power-intensive requirements. The dilemma becomes even more pronounced for industrial systems that need to operate over a wide range of temperatures and under harsh operating environments.

Ittiam’s Clove  is the perfect solution for such needs. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. High-quality Full-HD Video: Clove is designed for TI’s latest generation Sitara AM57x processors with single/dual ARM® Cortex™ A15 & C66x DSP(s), and is capable of:
    1. H.264 Full­HD encode/decode/transcode
    2. H.265 (HEVC) Full­HD decode
    3. Imaging/Vision algorithms such as stabilization, denoising, contrast enhancement, object tracking etc.
  2. Low Latency Video Streaming: With a glass-to-glass latency of as low as 50 milliseconds, Ittiam’s field-proven algorithms and techniques on Clove enable high-precision real-time interactive applications like medical/industrial robotics, UAVs and gaming.
  3. Rich Graphics: Clove is capable of rendering rich 2D/3D graphics using GC320 and SGX544 GPUs. It is therefore ideal for display and visualization applications. It supports operations such as overlay, composition, blending, chroma-keying, color space conversion, rotation and mirroring.
  4. High-fidelity Audio: Ittiam’s entire portfolio of audio and acoustic IPs is available on Clove. Multiple channels of these audio algorithms can be run on ARM and/or DSP. High-density audio applications with encoding, decoding and pre/post processing can therefore be realized with relative ease.
  5. Extensive I/O Interfaces: Clove is based on a 2-board architecture where the Clove SoM interfaces with a Carrier Card (I/O Board) and provides an array of I/O interfaces.
    1. Clove SoM, with its HDMI output, SDXC, USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet I/O interfaces, can be used for realizing media players, streaming clients and transcoders. With an external USB camera, server/recorder applications can also be realized.
    2. Specific I/O Boards can be used along with Clove to realize an even wider variety of applications. For example: Ittiam’s off-the-shelf Nova x4 Carrier Card, with its 3G-SDI, HDMI, ASI, SATA and USB2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet I/O interfaces, can be used with Clove to realize encoder/server, decoder/player, recorder and video mixer/switcher solutions.
  6. Compact and light-weight: Clove is a size (4.5” x 5.5” x 0.79”) and weight (~120 grams) optimized hardware board. It is therefore very suitable for many aerospace, industrial and robotics applications where size, weight and power are key considerations.
  7. Low-Power with Versatility: As an example, the power consumption for 2-channel Full-HD (1080p30) H.264 video encoding is ~6 Watts/channel. For other use cases, similar low-power numbers are achievable. This, along with its impressive processing horsepower and networking capabilities, make Clove suitable for myriad applications in industrial automation, enterprise, medical, surveillance, aerospace and defense. Even better, Clove is available for both industrial and commercial operating temperature ranges!

If you are still not convinced, watch Clove solutions in action here. Furthermore, Clove hardware board, Media SDKs (adroitSDK), and system software are ready for delivery and can really cut down the time for OEMs/ODMs to take their end products to market. All in all, it’s a true winning proposition!

For more information, mail us at mkt@ittiam.com