April 26, 2017

adroitSDK vs. GStreamer – A Nuts & Bolts View

by Puneet Gupta (Senior Manager, System Solutions)

adroitSDK is Ittiam’s Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides off-the-shelf realizations of pre-defined multimedia use cases. Readily available for embedded and mobile platforms, adroitSDK comprises of field-proven technology IPs bundled into a software stack that includes both the core media processing as well as the associated control functionality to realize software systems for multimedia applications.

One may ask: How does Ittiam’s adroitSDK compare with the popular open-source GStreamer?
Well, here is how it stacks up!


Ittiam’s patented software architecture (Adroit) forms the basis of adroitSDK. This architecture encompasses software modules, framework elements, utilities, tools and methods to realize Video networking use cases such as streaming server (encoder), streaming client (decoder), transcoder, recorder/DVR, video mixer and hybrid combinations of the same.
Given that these use cases are all pre-canned and accessible via simple SDK APIs, the time-to-market is significantly reduced. With the aid of the easy-to-navigate documentation, realizing an end system becomes a piece of layered cake!


In addition, adroitSDK offers key benefits that are unmatched in the industry.

  1. Off-the-shelf availability on multiple processors (Texas Instruments, Nvidia, ARM, Intel)
  2. Optimized framework for low-overhead operation to enable
    1. High channel-densities
    2. Multiple audio, video and metadata streams per channel
    3. Efficient forking and merging of paths within media processing pipelines
  3. Sub-frame video processing to achieve lowest possible end-to-end latency
  4. Optimized resource usage (encoder/decoder instances, capture/display ports, hardware accelerators, memory regions/buffers, threads, sockets & network ports)
  5. Seamless operation with all standard I/O interfaces
    1. (Audio Video) HDMI/3G-SDI, etc.
    2. (Storage) SATA, USB2.0, USB3.0, SD Card, etc.
    3. (Network) Wireless (Wi-Fi), Ethernet, etc.
  6. Standards compliant (ISO-IEC, MPEG, IETF, DVB-T, SMPTE, MISB, etc.) and widely interoperable with most commercial media servers and players
  7. Easy porting on any hardware platform
    1. Inherent compatibility with popular frameworks (XDM, OpenMax, Codec Engine, v4l2, etc.)
    2. Cleanly abstracted platform abstraction layers that customers can easily modify
  8. Deep and committed customer support to provide assistance during porting & integration by users.
  9. Quick customizations to meet specific requirements for the customer product.
  10. No open source liabilities or risks for product deployment.

All these make adroitSDK stand tall among a bevy of competitor SDKs that merely provide a subset of use cases, use frameworks that are not optimized for any processor, and offer limited or no customer support! It’s not a surprise therefore that adroitSDK has been a part of thousands & thousands of units of end-equipment manufactured by Tier-1 OEMs/ODMs worldwide. Its success story spans across several products for Surveillance, Broadcast, Industrial, Enterprise, Medical and Defense markets.

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