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October 15, 2015

7 Highlights That Make AM57x-based Clove the Perfect Solution for Low-Power Industrial Video

by Puneet Gupta (Senior Manager, System Solutions)

Embedded system designers and manufacturers often struggle to find the right balance between processing capabilities and power consumption of the hardware. This is especially true for video centric systems, where video compression/decompression, rendering graphics and imaging/vision algorithms are power-intensive requirements. The dilemma becomes even more pronounced for industrial systems that need to operate over a wide range […]

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April 4, 2014

VP9 Video Encoder with Faster Turnaround

by Ranjit Kumar Tulabandu (Principal Engineer, Media Server Technologies)

libvpx is a software video codec library from Google which serves as the reference software implementation for the VP8 and VP9 video coding standards. libvpx is distributed as open source software under a revised BSD License. VP9 video encoding algorithms, as implemented in libvpx, offer a BD rate improvement of up to 40% over H.264/AVC […]

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