August 10, 2016

Ittiam’s Low Latency Video Streaming on Ericsson’s 5G Radio Prototype

by Puneet Gupta (Senior Manager, System Solutions)

Ericsson, in collaboration with Singtel, recently completed live demonstrations of their 5G cellular technology at a special event titled “Making 5G Innovation A Reality” held in Singapore. The focus of this event was to highlight Ericsson’s 5G Radio Prototype that offers a high throughput (27.5Gbps) and lower latency (2msec) operation. The technology has gotten significant market attention from telecom, transportation, manufacturing, enterprise, IoT and healthcare industries.

Ittiam’s Low Latency Video Encoder & Decoder in Action at “Making 5G Innovation A Reality”

At the event was also showcased the world’s very first demonstration over 5G network of a low latency video streaming solution from Ittiam. Ittiam’s magnaLive-E/-D Low Latency Encoder and Decoder systems were shown operating over Ericsson’s prototype 5G network, achieving glass-to-glass latency as low as 50 milliseconds while streaming 1080p60 H.264 video. These Low Latency Encoder and Decoder systems are built using Ittiam’s popular neonCaster Gen II hardware board (Magna, DM816x) and Media SDK (adroitSDK).

Ittiam’s Low Latency Encoder and Low Latency Decoder Solutions

Ittiam’s low latency video streaming solutions are available on TI’s DavinciTM (TMS320DM816x) and SitaraTM (AM57x) processors and are perfect for high-precision interactive real-time applications such as situational awareness, UAV/ROV navigation, vision guided robots for surgical procedures, industrial process monitoring and surveillance. Find out more by writing to us (

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Read the article on Ericsson’s website for more information on their 5G Radio Prototype.