Seeking a cutting edge video solution? Look no further. Realize your video streaming application with Thyme Ittiam’s broadcast-quality Full-HD H.264 encoding solutions Multi-channel H.264 Up to 8x H.264 encode 4:2:0 8-bit compression Standards Compliant MPEG-2 TS, RTP Live Streaming Single/Multiple Program Streams Robust Design 0 to 40°C operating temperature Designed for test/manufacturing POWERED BY Technical [...]

i264 H.264 Encoder

Software encoders are not fast enough, while hardware encoders do not deliver the desired quality. So how do you find that sweet spot between software and hardware H.264 encoders? Leverage i264 – Ittiam’s H.264 encoder that enables not just high performance encoding but also superior quality. Start Your Free Evaluation Request Benchmark Data More than [...]

Audio Codecs

Is delivering ‘zero compromise on audio quality’ top on your agenda? Leverage Ittiam’s rich portfolio of proven, high-performance audio codecs to build an array of reliable consumer electronics, broadcast, automotive and industrial products, with premium audio quality. Licensed by top global OEMs, Ittiam’s audio codecs power over 100 million devices across the globe. Request an Evaluation [...]


Embedded video applications are making a splash across industries,opening up unprecedented opportunities for innovation.With Ittiam’s adroitSDK, you can simplify and acceleratethe development of intelligent video applications for video streaming and recording. Encoder (streaming server) Decoder (player) Recorder Transcoder Mixer/switcher Low latency encoder/decoder Off-the-shelf realizations of standard multimedia use cases Standards-compliant audio video encode/decode, networking, storage [...]

i265 HEVC Encoder

It’s the new era of high efficiency. Where video coding is all about achieving uncompromising quality combined with outstanding performance. No wonder, industry leaders are increasingly adopting Ittiam’s i265 HEVC/H.265 encoders to realize the promise of High Efficiency Video Coding. Pristine Quality Deliver pristine video quality with our comprehensive toolsets, features and HDR formats fortified [...]

Turnkey Solutions

Taking next-gen applications to market in the shortest possible time can seem like a huge challenge. Not if you are backed by a one-stop-shop that addresses your customized requirements for product design, manufacturing and delivery.   Ittiam’s turnkey solutions leverage our off-the-shelf hardware (neonCaster) and software (adroitSDK) IPs to substantially reduce the overall time-to-market, giving [...]

neonCaster: Embedded Hardware

Leverage Ittiam’s neonCaster suite of optimized, off-the-shelf hardware solutions, to fast track and fulfill your product goals with ease. Surmount your technical challenges in designing fail-safe and high-performance embedded hardware. And take these to market in the shortest possible time.   Choose from our video encoder, decoder and other multi-purpose boards Production-ready Rugged and Optimized [...]


High-performance Full-HD video streaming and networking proving to be a challenge? Leverage Magna – Ittiam’s suite of multi-channel Full-HD video solutions for Full-HD video encode and decode Production-ready hardware Optimized multimedia SDK Rugged industrial systems Bring Alive Multi-Channel Full HD Video across Applications Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) Real-time video encoding/decoding Single/multi-channel high quality recording Low [...]


Seeking to build low power video streaming and networking applications? Harness the strengths of Clove – Ittiam’s suite of industrial video solutions for Full-HD video encode and decode. Production-ready hardware Optimized multimedia SDK Rugged industrial systems Explore the advantages of Clove Realize a wide array of application use cases Video Modules for Unmanned Vehicles Real-time [...]


Seeking to build intelligent solutions for Ultra HD (UHD) video streaming and networking?   Explore the power of Lime – Ittiam’s suite of high performance 4K UHD solutions that deliver 4K UHD encode and decode along with an array of intelligent video analytics and machine vision functions. Intelligent content & network adaptive encoding Multi-format, multi-channel [...]