Seeking to build intelligent solutions for Ultra HD (UHD) video streaming and networking?


Explore the power of Lime – Ittiam’s suite of high performance 4K UHD solutions that deliver 4K UHD encode and decode along with an array of intelligent video analytics and machine vision functions.


Intelligent content & network adaptive encoding


Multi-format, multi-channel 4K UHD encode/decode


Recorder, Server, Player & Transcoder solutions

Realize a wide range of application use cases


Smart Surveillance Recorders (DVR/NVRs)

Real-time video encoding/decoding

Machine vision and video analytics

High quality recording

Low latency video streaming

video Modules for Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics

Video Modules for Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics

Real-time video encoding

High quality recording

Video streaming over wireless

Low latency video streaming


Intelligent Display Systems

Real-time video decoding

Machine vision and video analytics

Rich graphics and composition

Compatibility with popular content servers


Medical Imaging and Documentation

Real-time video encoding/decoding

High quality recording

Machine vision and video analytics

Low latency video streaming


Enterprise/Broadcast Streaming

High quality video

Low latency video streaming

Real-time video encoding and decoding

Rich graphics


Custom Applications

Define your own applications

Leverage technologies and features suited to your needs

Leverage our Multimedia SDKs and Systems for Video Streaming & Recording

Off-the-shelf Multimedia SDK on NVIDIA Tegra X1/X2 processors (adroitSDK)

Beats GStreamer on performance, flexibility and features

Fast customizations for application specific requirements

Multimedia use case
Off-the-shelf adroitSDK configuration
  • adroitRecordPro Hybrid DVR/NVR with In-Built Player
  • adroitXCode Transcoder
  • adroitStream Encoder (Streaming Server)
  • adroitPlay Decoder (Player / Client)
  • adroitMix Mixer/Switcher

Empower Your Edge Device with Real-time Video Analytics

GPU-accelerated machine vision and deep learning to enable video networking with real intelligence
  • Up to 70% saving while recording 4K UHD/Full-HD H.265/H.264 video
  • Smart decisions based on visual insights and event triggers
  • Up to 50% saving while streaming 4K UHD/Full-HD H.265/H.264 video
  • Smart decisions based on visual insights & event triggers
  • Tag objects and events of interest while recording, driven by the power of deep-learning and visual insights
  • Instantly retrieve video snippets of interest from terabytes of recordings

Vision & AI Functions

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Motion/Moving Object detection, Object Classification, Object Tracking & Counting


Pattern/Object Matching, Stereo Matching


Face/Gesture Recognition, OCR, License Plate Recognition


Loitering Detection, Left/Removed object detection, Camera/Perimeter Violation Detection

Check out limeRecordPro – Ittiam’s ‘intelligent’ 4K UHD hybrid DVR solution

Capable of 4K UHD H.264/HEVC recording, streaming and playback, limeRecordPro is a versatile feature-rich DVR solution. What’s more, it is augmented with high-performance real-time vision and deep learning algorithms for intelligent encoding, tagging and searching. It is ideal to realize applications such as surveillance gateways, connected ORs, police car recorders, industrial robotic arms and unmanned vehicle navigation.

  • Context-aware H.264/HEVC encoding, with up to 70% savings in storage/bandwidth
  • Low-delay (<10 sec) tagging of objects/events of interest in recordings
  • Search through DVR recordings from a browser on remote PC/tablet
  • Results of search available within a fraction of a second
  • Export of searched recordings for download/playback on remote PC/tablet

The Best Multimedia Offering for 4K UHD Applications

  • High quality video encode

  • Multi-format video decode

  • Simultaneous encode and decode

  • Reliable streaming & recording

  • Advanced Video Pre/Post Processing

  • 1x 2160p60 or 4x 1080p60 HEVC Main
  • 1x 2160p60 or 7x 1080p60 H.264 HP
  • 1x 2160p30 or 7x 1080p30 VP9
  • 2x 2160p60 or 7x 1080p60 HEVC Main/Main 10
  • 1x 2160p60 or 3x 1080p60 HEVC Main 444
  • 2x 2160p60 or 7x 1080p60 H.264 HP
  • Single/multi-channel 4K UHD / Full-HD
  • Any combination of encoding and decoding formats
  • Multi-format: Apple HLS, MPEG-2 TS, (S)RTP/RTSP, RTMP
  • Glass-to-Glass Latency: 83-100 msec (2160p60), 166-183 msec (2160p30) for H.264/H.265 streaming
  • Adaptive streaming over wireless
  • Scaling, frame rate conversion, de-noising, contrast enhancement, edge sharpening, video stabilization, image stitching, fisheye correction, and more.
  • Text/image overlay, cropping, rotation, mirroring, composition, blending, and more.

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