High-performance full-HD video streaming and networking proving to be a challenge?
Leverage Magna – Ittiam’s suite of multi-channel full-HD video solutions for full-HD video encode and decode

Production-ready hardware | Optimized multimedia SDK Rugged industrial systems

Bring Alive Multi-Channel Full HD Video across Applications


Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Real-time video encoding/decoding

Single/multi-channel high quality recording

Low latency video streaming


Broadcast/Enterprise Streaming

Low latency video streaming

Real-time video encoding/ decoding

Strict standards compliance and interoperability



Multi-channel synchronized playback of network streams

Low latency composition (mixing) and display


Medical Imaging and Documentation

Real-time video encoding/decoding

High quality multi-channel recording


Signage Player, Display Systems

Real-time video decoding

Compatibility with popular content servers


Custom Applications

Any application you define based on your unique needs

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Magna SoM


Magna SoM +
Nova x4


Magna SoM +
Nova x7


Magna Ace

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Production-ready rugged hardware (neonCaster)


Cost-effective designs optimized for size, power and weight


Two-board or single-board designs based on multiple processor options
(DaVinciTM TMS320DM816x i.e., DM8169, DM8168, DM8167 or DM816)


Quick customizability

Leverage Our Complete Suite of Multimedia SDKs and Systems

Off-the-shelf Multimedia use cases

Multimedia SDK on Davinci™ DM816x processor (adroitSDK)

System Software on Ittiam’s neonCaster hardware,
delivered as an integrated system solution

Multimedia use caseOff-the-shelf adroitSDK configurationField-ready Multi-channel Full-HD System
Hybrid DVR/NVR with In-Built PlayeradroitRecordPromagnaRecordPro
Encoder (Streaming Server)adroitStreammagnaStream
Decoder (Player / Client)adroitPlaymagnaPlay
Low Latency EncoderadroitLive-EmagnaLive-E
Low Latency DecoderadroitLive-DmagnaLive-D
Audio Contribution over IP (ACIP)adroitWave-

Beats GStreamer on performance, flexibility and features
Fast customizations for application specific requirements

Designed with Focus on Superior System Performance

  • Best-in-class channel densities

  • Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

  • Multi-format streaming

  • Rich Pre/Post Processing

  • Intelligent Machine Vision & Analytics

  • H.264: 3x 1080p60 / 5x 1080p30 / 13x 480p30 encode or decode
  • MPEG-2: 3x 1080p30 / 10x 480p30 encode or 3x 1080p60 / 13x 480p30 decode
  • Simultaneous full-HD encode and decode
  • H.264 / H.264, MPEG-2 / H.264 transcode
  • Glass-to-glass latency 44-61 msec (1080p60 H.264)
  • Encoder latency 5 msec (1080p60 H.264)
  • Decoder latency 39-56 msec (1080p60 H.264)
  • MPEG-2 TS streaming as per ISDB-T, DVB-T, ARIB
  • Adaptive streaming over Wi-Fi
  • Scaling, De-interlacing, Text/Image Overlay, Cropping, Frame Rate Conversion, Re-sampling, Surround Sound
  • Motion Detection, Camera Tampering Detection

Custom Designs and Turnkey Solutions

Seeking a one stop shop that addresses your customized requirements

for system design, manufacturing and delivery?

Look no further. Leverage Ittiam’s vast expertise and off-the-shelf system IPs to

Reduce the overall time-to-market | Gain a definite edge in performance

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