Leverage Ittiam’s neonCaster suite of optimized, off-the-shelf hardware solutions, to fast track and fulfill your product goals with ease. Surmount your technical challenges in designing fail-safe and high-performance embedded hardware. And take these to market in the shortest possible time.


Choose from our video encoder, decoder and other multi-purpose boards




Rugged and Optimized



Accelerate your product development by choosing from one of these options:


Use an off-the-shelf hardware platform


License ready-to-manufacture hardware reference design


Get a custom hardware design to meet your form-factor and I/O requirements

An Array of Hardware Boards to Meet Your Requirements

We offer neonCaster suite of hardware boards as part of our Clove, Magna & Thyme families of system solutions. These cater to high-performance Full-HD and SD video solutions, and come in two configurations:

Single Board Configuration Processor board with required I/O interfaces

Multi-Board Configuration Processor modules (SoMs), I/O boards (carrier cards)

Family of System SolutionsCloveMagnaThyme
Underlying ProcessorTI’s Sitara™ AM57xTI’s DaVinci™ TMS320DM816xSocionext MB86M25
Single BoardClove MiniMagna AceThyme HW
SoMClove Processor ModuleMagna Processor Module
Carrier Card(s)Nova x4, Nova x7Nova x1, x2, x3, x4, x7

Magna SoM + Nova x4


Magna SoM + Nova x7

Clove SoM

Clove SoM
(Processor Module)

Clove Nova x4

Clove SoM +
Nova x4 (Carrier Card)

Clove Nova x7

Clove SoM +
Nova x7 (Carrier Card)

Clove Mini

Clove Mini
(Single Board Design)

Industry leaders leverage our ready platforms to build high performance video applications

Other Harware Boards

PCIdash: PCIe Capture Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor, 2x HD-SDI video inputs, 2x mono-audio inputs
  • 2-channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) or multi-channel SD 4:2:0 encode
  • Stream over PCIe to Windows/Linux hosts

openGear® A/V Encode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM8168/TMS320DM8169 processor
  • 8x SDI inputs connected to cross-point switch to support 2x 3G or 2x HD or 4x SD capture, 6-channel audio over each SDI input
  • Multi-channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p60) or SD 4:2:0 encode

HD A/V Encode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor
  • 1x Composite, 1x HD Component, 1x 3G-SDI video input, 1x Stereo audio Line-in
  • Single channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) 4:2:0 encode

HD A/V Decode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor
  • 1x Composite, 1x HD Component, 1x 3G-SDI video output, 1x Stereo audio Line-out
  • Single channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) 4:2:0 decode

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