Leverage Ittiam’s neonCaster suite of optimized, off-the-shelf hardware solutions, to fast track and fulfill your product goals with ease. Surmount your technical challenges in designing fail-safe and high-performance embedded hardware. And take these to market in the shortest possible time.


Choose from our video encoder, decoder and other multi-purpose boards




Rugged and Optimized



Accelerate your product development by choosing from one of these options:


Use an off-the-shelf hardware platform


License ready-to-manufacture hardware reference design


Get a custom hardware design to meet your form-factor and I/O requirements

An Array of Hardware Boards to Meet Your Requirements

We offer neonCaster suite of hardware boards as part of our Clove, Magna & Thyme families of system solutions. These cater to high-performance Full-HD and SD video solutions, and come in two configurations:

Single Board Configuration Processor board with required I/O interfaces

Multi-Board Configuration Processor modules (SoMs), I/O boards (carrier cards)

Family of System Solutions Clove Magna Thyme
Underlying Processor TI’s Sitara™ AM57x TI’s DaVinci™ TMS320DM816x Socionext MB86M25
Single Board Clove Mini Magna Ace Thyme HW
SoM Clove Processor Module Magna Processor Module
Carrier Card(s) Nova x4, Nova x7 Nova x1, x2, x3, x4, x7

Magna SoM
(Processor Module)


Magna SoM + Nova x4
(Carrier Card)


Magna SoM + Nova x7
(Carrier Card)


Magna Ace
(Single Board Design)

Clove SoM

Clove SoM
(Processor Module)

Clove Nova x4

Clove SoM +
Nova x4 (Carrier Card)

Clove Nova x7

Clove SoM +
Nova x7 (Carrier Card)

Clove Mini

Clove Mini
(Single Board Design)

Explore our Low Latency Video Streaming Solutions. See how you can achieve glass-to-glass latency as low as 50 milliseconds to enable real time interactivity in video surveillance, drone navigation, vision guided robots and industrial monitoring applications.

Industry leaders leverage our ready platforms to build high performance video applications

Other Harware Boards

PCIdash: PCIe Capture Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor, 2x HD-SDI video inputs, 2x mono-audio inputs
  • 2-channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) or multi-channel SD 4:2:0 encode
  • Stream over PCIe to Windows/Linux hosts

openGear® A/V Encode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM8168/TMS320DM8169 processor
  • 8x SDI inputs connected to cross-point switch to support 2x 3G or 2x HD or 4x SD capture, 6-channel audio over each SDI input
  • Multi-channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p60) or SD 4:2:0 encode

HD A/V Encode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor
  • 1x Composite, 1x HD Component, 1x 3G-SDI video input, 1x Stereo audio Line-in
  • Single channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) 4:2:0 encode

HD A/V Decode Card

  • Based on TI’s TMS320DM6467T processor
  • 1x Composite, 1x HD Component, 1x 3G-SDI video output, 1x Stereo audio Line-out
  • Single channel H.264 Full-HD (1080p30) 4:2:0 decode

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