Ittiam announces new IttiamInsite Retail Visual Analytics Service with proprietary CAVIA intelligent camera processors

Ittiam announces new IttiamInsite Retail Visual Analytics Service with proprietary CAVIA intelligent camera processors

January 13, 2017

NEW YORK, New York – At the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017, Ittiam Systems, a leading provider of video & audio technologies and intelligent vision systems, today announced the availability of IttiamInsite, a visual analytics service, that, coupled together with Ittiam’s highly-scalable CAVIA smart camera processors, offers retailers detailed analytics of shopper traffic and demographics.

IttiamInsite is the future of customer analytics for businesses with physical retail space, integrating multiple sources of visual, RF, environmental and statistical data into one comprehensive, easy-to-use service. The IttiamInsite service helps retailers gain insights into customer demographics and behavior using one or more low-cost CAVIA intelligent camera processors to collect, aggregate and analyze store data. Anonymous metadata is sent to the cloud to present powerful and insightful analytics and visualizations to retailers.

Ittiam’s innovative intelligent CAVIA camera and sensor processors provide a uniquely scalable solution for retailers to add data capture and analytics capabilities incrementally within and across stores without the need of expensive in-store servers.

“The IttiamInsite service is a powerful tool for physical store retailers to bridge the data acquisition and analytics gap that online retailers have been able to establish through their detailed website visitor analytics,” said Raul Diaz, Senior Vice President, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, adding that “Ittiam’s advanced artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms mine relationships in the data collected offering retailers valuable actionable insights.”

IttiamInsite and the CAVIA smart camera processors respect shopper and customer privacy with the ability to generate only anonymous metadata that can be statistically analyzed in the cloud. Retailers have full control over what data is collected and what data and metadata is transmitted to the cloud.

Ittiam will be showcasing the IttiamInsite service and the CAVIA smart camera processors at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2017 at booth No. 346 on level 1.

About IttiamInsite
IttiamInsite is the Silicon Valley-based Retail Analytics Division of Ittiam Systems Inc. IttiamInsite develops and provides intuitive analytics software and hardware for physical retail spaces of all sizes on a global scale. We work with businesses to customize services for their locations, and provide them with the tools they need including scalable plug-and-play hardware, perceptive artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms, and powerful insightful visualization environment. For more information, please go to https://www.ittiaminsite.com.

About Ittiam
Ittiam Systems is a global technology company with deep R&D driven solutions for media creation, management and consumption, and intelligent vision and sensor technologies. Ittiam provides advanced media codecs, software development platforms, systems and workflows for embedded and online applications to major Mobility, Cloud and Media Technology companies around the world. Ittiam also offers intelligent vision algorithms and services to companies that have large numbers of visitors to their facilities. For more about Ittiam, please go to https://www.ittiam.com.