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About Us

Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, India is a global technology company focused in catering to the special demands of the Online Video segment. Ittiam specializes in multimedia solutions for End-to-End Video distribution and delivery, ranging the complete gamut from content creation to consumption. Ittiam provides intellectual property, both hardware and software, by way of optimized IP components, SDKs and applications for embedded or PC platforms, in an OS agnostic manner, catering to the needs of the new-age Consumer Electronics, all the way to high-end, niche Enterprise Systems. Ittiam IPs are embedded in millions of consumer products such as Smartphones, Tablets, STBs and Smart TVs. Ittiam demonstrates its multi-device player app featuring HEVC and MPEG-DASH Streaming for PC & mobile, and its Cloud service with HEVC Transcode, bringing “Anytime, Anywhere” capabilities of the Cloud to the Modern Media Enterprise.

Ittiam’s vision is to enable the growth of online video services by providing audio-videointellectual property solutions which would help customers build great end products. Ittiam strives to create significant value for its customers, partners, people and investors through its technology and customer focus.

Ittiam continuously invests in R&D to build futuristic designs of high performance and high quality. Customers who license Ittiam designs benefit from the technology differentiation and the time-to-market advantage gained for their products.Ittiam has direct presence in the U.S, France, Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore to serve customers in each major region. Ittiam is a Red Herring Asia 100 Company. It is also a winner of India’s prestigious NASSCOM Innovation Award and several other recognitions from Government and industry.

  • The Value Triangle

    Ittiam Systems regards its people, customers and investors/partners as its primary stakeholders. It firmly believes that success with people brings success with customers and in turn with investors.

  • People

    Ittiam Systems’ value for People is focused on

    • Leadership enabling each individual to fulfill his/her potential.
    • Work environment emphasizing equal status for all and designed to provide the fulliest challenge to contribute and emphasis is on equal status for all.
    • Rewards driven by performance and innovatively structured in how they impact the individual.
  • Customers

    Ittiam Systems’ value for Customers is focused on

    • Speed of response and delivery to reduce a customer’s cycle time to market.
    • Performance of Ittiam Systems’ products to provide a competitive advantage.
    • Relations that are stable and long lasting, sustaining the value for a long period of time.
  • Partners

    Ittiam’s value for Partners and Investors is focused on

    • Trust to the highest levels, laying the basis for long-term relationships.
    • Returns for Partners and Investors that are an industry benchmark.
    • Reference that Partners and Investors will take pride in and will derive value from.
  • High Value Addition

    Ittiam Systems is committed to providing high and differentiated value addition to each of its stakeholders.

Cogito, Ergo Sum

Perhaps the most celebrated philosophical dictum of all time, Descarte’s ‘I think, therefore I am’ was the starting point of his system of true knowledge. Ittiam Systems derives its name from an acronym of the phrase.


Rene Descartes (1596-1650)
He was one of the most important and influential thinkers in human history.

Writing at the beginning of the scientific revolution, he made major contributions to mathematics and philosophy. As a mathematician, Descartes was responsible for what we now call Cartesian coordinates (named in his honor) and laid the foundations for the field of analytical geometry.

Living at a time when traditional ideas were being questioned, one of his aims in philosophy was to devise a method for finding true knowledge.

This concern and his method of systematic doubt had an enormous impact on the subsequent development of philosophy.

In his Discourse on the Method (1637) Descartes observed that the proposition je pense, donc je suis was ‘so firm and sure that the most extravagant suppositions of the sceptics [are] incapable of shaking it’. The saying, in its better-known Latin version Cogito Ergo Sum, also occurs in the Principles of Philosophy (1644).

For Ittiam Systems, the dictum represents both the definition of human existence by thoughts and the search for knowledge.


Uniqueness and Permanence
Every person’s fingertips have a unique pattern of ridges that remain unchanged throughout life.The first modern studies of fingerprints were made by Czech physiologist Johannes Evengelista Purkinje and the British scientist Sir Francis Galton in the 19th century.

However, there is ample evidence of mankind’s interest in fingerprints dating back to prehistory. On a cliff face in Nova Scotia there is a petroglyph showing a hand with exaggerated finger whorls and other ridge markings, presumably left by prehistoric Native Americans.

In ancient history fingerprints were a mark of identification and commitment. Fingerprints were used by Assyrians and Chinese for signing and sealing legal agreements.

The fingerprint in Ittiam’s Logo denotes the commitment of the company to its mission and stakeholders.

Being an Intellectual Property (IP) company, Ittiam’s business model is primarily based on licensing of its Embedded and Silicon IP and system offerings. Ittiam also provides support in customization of its IP to suit specific customer product requirements using an IP licensing and customization NRE model.

Ittiam is flexible in its business model and allows fine tuning of the up front and royalty payment options based on customer inputs to the benefit of both.

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About Us

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