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It is indeed sunny days ahead for the online video industry that is witnessing unprecedented rise in the number of viewers as well as the growth of original and local content. Ittiam’s technologies for content preparation have rapidly evolved to help online video and OTT players address the evolving challenges, and grow their leadership. Our membership with the Alliance for Open Media (AOM), in fact, provides us the right platform for working towards defining the future of online video.

From solving the bandwidth challenge and expanding the reach of online video services to delivering stunning viewing experiences like HDR and 4K, our products and technologies drive cutting edge innovation. This translates into competitive advantage and greater ROI for customers.


Our i265, i264, VP9 and audio codecs are the core products that drive the online video industry. And now, we are well poised to help you ride the next wave of technology evolution with THINKode, our machine learning based content adaptive encoder.



Broadcasters are effectively luring audiences back to the living room with smart TV and connected TV video streaming devices, and differentiating themselves by delivering superior user experience. In fact, the industry is at the threshold of rapid transformation as it looks to embrace the next generation ATSC 3.0 standard that promises support for 4K, HDR, high frame rate, and 3D with newer audio and video formats.  Ittiam’s solutions – designed for end-to-end market coverage – power the broadcast, cinema and post production solutions of top broadcast businesses across the globe.

With our comprehensive suite of products for a wide range of audio and video formats, we enable rapid realization of products, helping broadcast companies match up to the evolving consumer expectations and ever-growing competition.

A wide array of broadcast businesses leverage our products including  i265, i264, VP9 and audio codecs and SDKs to deliver high quality video. We also provide audio post processing, and loudness metering and leveling solutions that help broadcast companies deliver a wide range of audio experiences.


An intuitive connected car experience is fast becoming a norm, backed by the phenomenal growth of advanced automotive infotainment systems. These systems are rapidly evolving to deliver smart features directly, allowing users to connect and interact with their smartphones and tablets, and literally ‘live on the go’. We are at the heart of this revolution, with our multimedia products powering over 20 million automotive infotainment systems deployed across the world. Leading manufacturers of traditional infotainment systems pride themselves in designing products that outlast the automobiles in which they are installed – what makes this possible is our high reliability audio and video software that maximize the efficiency of their processor platforms.

Our advanced multimedia systems and connectivity solutions drive rapid development cycles, empowering top manufacturers to stay ahead of the frenetic pace at which the product landscape is changing.

In addition to our proven suite of audio and video codecs on ARM based automotive grade processors, we provide comprehensive multimedia frameworks for automotive infotainment systems. You can also drive integration of mobile devices with in-car systems using our connectivity solutions.


Consumer and mobility easily stands out as one of the most vibrant industries in terms of technology evolution. And we are proud to be one of the key entities that makes stunning technology developments possible in the space. While over 100 million units of embedded systems carry our multimedia products, a high percentage of these belong to the consumer and mobility industry. By enabling superior reliability and significant differentiation, our audio and video products consistently stand up to the challenge of delivering higher volumes of products with best-in-class performance and outstanding quality.

When consumers are immersed in exciting audio and video experiences on their mobile devices, smart TV or the latest wearable devices, it is our innovative technologies that are at work, at the heart of these devices.

Our suite of products comprising audio codecs and  post processing solutions, and video codecs including  i265, i264, and VP9 are the first choice for leading OEMS in the consumer and mobility industry.

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