Treat your customers to next-generation connected experiences with our complete suite of screen mirroring and connectivity solutions that support all the popular standards and are customized to meet your unique needs.

Mirroring solutions

Miracast SDK, Android Auto SDK and Apple CarPlay SDK


AVnu alliance compliant EAVB in-vehicle networking solution

HDCP stack

HDCP transmitter/receiver stack with or without TrustZone

iAP2 media stack

For iPhone/iPod audio and video playback support

1. Deliver intuitive connected experiences with automotive mirroring

Make the car an extension of your smartphone experience by using our comprehensive mirroring
solutions that support popular standards such as Miracast, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


Miracast SDK

Wi-Fi Display primary sink solution that enables Miracast support

Low latency wireless content mirroring (sub 100ms)

Mirror maps on dashboard, OTT streaming

Enable messaging, social media access

Integration with Ittiam HDCP decryption for uncompromised content security


Apple CarPlay SDK

Enable content sharing from user’s mobiles on dashboard

Voice (Siri) commands and hands-free communication

Optimized implementation using hardware features (like codecs)

Support for on-board chip for Echo cancellation and noise reduction


Android Auto SDK

Allow content sharing and android apps sharing from users’ android devices on dashboard

Voice commands and hands-free communication

Added support for Android app framework through hypervisor to handle multiple OS

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Smartphone control from IVI


Interoperability across a wide range of source devices


High optimization for ARM based SoCs

2. Replace legacy car networks with our EAVB SDK

Ethernet Audio Video Bridge (EAVB) is a suite of IEEE 802.1 standards for deterministic low latency delivery of real time traffic and enables in-vehicle streaming for infotainment and driver-assist media.
Ittiam’s AVnu compliant EAVB SDK is built for Linux/x86 and portable across other OS

  • Comprises a Hardware Adaption Layer (HAL) to enable portability across hardware chipsets.
  • Provides API interfaces to user applications for media source, media sink and stream controls

3. Enable Effective HDCP Protection With or Without a TrustZone

Ensure secure transmission of digital content in cars with our highly optimized HDCP transmitter and receiver stack.
The solutions are available as standalone components and are also optimally integrated with Ittiam’s Miracast components.

Delivered to Leading Automotive OEMs across a Range of Platforms

HDCP Transmitter_570x290px

Ittiam Solution Highlights

  • Compliant to Revision 2.X of HDCP Interface Independent Adaptation Spec
  • Backward compatible
  • Highly optimized native components
  • Highly optimized AES Encryption/Decryption
  • No CPU consumed for un-encrypted content
  • Field tested with real keys
  • Simple well-defined C-callable API
HDCP Receiver_570x450px

4. Enable iPhone/iPod Audio and Video Playback Support with iAP2 Stack

Leverage our iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP2) media stack to connect and enable communication
between Apple devices and automotive head units, and drive easy transfer of digital content.

Ittiam Solution Highlights

  • Supports multiple transport layers such as USB and Bluetooth
  • Compliant to Apple ‘Accessory Interface Specification’ and ‘Accessory Interface Specification CarPlay Addendum
  • Supports Apple CarPlay use case and music playback use cases

You can connect an Apple device to an automotive head unit over USB/Bluetooth for music playback or CarPlay session. Or you can connect an Apple device to a docking station for music playback.


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