Standing out and staying ahead in today’s tough automotive market is all about delivering truly immersive infotainment. Make it possible with Ittiam’s proven multimedia software and connectivity solutions.

Audio/video codecs | Multimedia frameworks | Mirroring technology

Over 20 million automobile units across the world carry our IPs,

and testify to our in-depth expertise in audio-video technology


Deliver high performance with our wide coverage of audio-video formats

Choose from our complete suite of robust and highly reliable audio codecs, video decoders and audio post processing solutions

Audio encoders

AAC LC (low complexity), AAC LC multi-channel, AAC LD, AAC ELD, HEAAC v1 stereo, HEAAC v1 multi-channel, HEAAC v2 stereo, MPEG 2 Layer 1/2, WMA 9.2, AC3, SBC, mSBC, MP3, FLAC,

Audio decoders

AAC LC (low complexity), AAC LC multi-channel, AAC LD, AAC ELD, HEAAC v1, HEAAC v2, HEAAC v1 multi-channel, AC3/eAC3 Dolby Digital, WMA 9.2/lossless/pro, MPEG 2 Layer 1/2, MP3, FLAC, SBC, mSBC, BSAC, ALAC, DSD, Vorbis,

Video decoders

HEVC/H.265, VP9, H.264, MPEG4, WMV9

Audio post processing

Virtual Surround Sound Technology, Equalizer, Audio Effects, Post Processing Tools

Extensively field tested across multiple generations of automotive solution deployments

Optimized for a range of automotive grade processors based on ARM, x86 and DSP cores from leading vendors including TI, Renesas, Freescale, and Intel, and other proprietary SoCs

Proven track record of driving very high performance with minimum load on processors

Reimagine performance using multi-core video decoders

Squeeze more out of your infotainment processors by extending their capabilities with our multi-core H.264 and HEVC decoders.

Deliver outstanding performance
Support advanced video formats
Increase application head-room

Experience the Ittiam impact

night car drive

Typical HEVC performance of
TI AM57x and Jacinto J6

1080p, 2 Mbps at 30 fps

using dual ARM core


Achieve 2X performance with Ittiam’s
multi-core HEVC decoder

1080p, 8~10 Mbps at 50 fps

Raise the bar on functionality and reliability with our advanced multimedia frameworks

Leverage our proprietary AV framework to achieve advanced functionalities and even higher levels of reliability.

  • Configurable media framework with ability to support multiple formats, and channels for play out/record
  • Supports both streaming and file based players/recorders
  • Highly optimized for advanced use cases like transcoding, low latency streaming etc.
  • Available as a media SDK for creation of custom applications

Join the growing band of leading automotive suppliers who leverage Ittiam’s audio-video codecs and plug-ins – integrated with the Gstreamer multimedia framework – and bring to market high performance infotainment applications


Multi-OS support

Make the most of our extensive experience in building multimedia components,
systems and apps on Linux, QNX and Android based platforms.

Supports popular connectivity standards

close up of man with tablet pc in car


Maps on dashboard, OTT streaming

Messaging, social media access

Integration with Ittiam HDCP decryption for go-to-market product offerings


Apple CarPlay

Content sharing from user’s mobiles on dashboard

Voice (Siri) commands and hands-free communication

Optimized implementation using hardware features (like codecs)

Support for on-board chip for Echo cancellation and noise reduction


Android Auto

Content sharing and android apps sharing from users’ android devices on dashboard

Voice commands and hands-free communication

Added support for Android app framework through hypervisor to handle multiple OS

Help create happy passengers through awesome rear seat entertainment (RSE)


Use our advanced system solutions to effectively transcode advanced video formats, enabling even simpler rear seat devices to process them, and deliver superior quality video.


  • Complete RSE framework from TV tuner input to RSE display
  • Support for wide range of terrestrial broadcast standards including DVB-T/DVB-T2, DTMB and ISDB-T
  • HD streaming content playback



Build powerful, high-speed connectivity solutions that enable intuitive connected in-vehicle experiences by using our comprehensive mirroring technology solution.

Key highlights


Low latency wireless content mirroring (sub 100ms)


Smartphone control from IVI


Content protection through HDCP and other standard-defined authentication mechanisms


Interoperability across a wide range of source devices


High optimization for ARM based SoCs

Explore How You Can Enable Effective HDCP Implementation – With Or Without a TrustZone.

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