Software encoders are not fast enough, while hardware encoders do not deliver the desired quality.
So how do you find that sweet spot between software and hardware H.264 encoders?
Leverage i264 – Ittiam’s H.264 encoder that enables not just high performance encoding but also superior quality.


More than twice the channel density of software encoders – at the same level of quality


Enhanced quality not achievable through hardware coding


Additional 50% performance gains with our efficient multi-profile encoding

Maximize your H.264 investments

with our H.264 encoders on Intel platforms, with optional GPU assist.

Most desktop and server grade platforms from Intel comprise integrated GPUs that serve as a high performance computation engine. Unlike most software encoders, i264 effectively leverages the GPU computational resources to achieve:

  • Up to 50% offload on the CPU
  • Up to twice the gains in speed for the same quality levels

GOP aligned multi-bitrate (MBR) and multi-resolution (MRES) encoding in i264 reuses data and decisions across the ABR outputs to deliver:

  • 50-100% increase in speed of encoding depending on the ABR recipe.
  • i264 offers support for all profiles and toolsets used in established fast H.264 encoders, ensuring superior video quality from your AVC encoder.
  • With advanced rate control modes such as CBR, VBR and Capped VBR (CaVBR), i264 provides the configurability to fine tune the encoder based on your target applications.
  • The i264 SDK comprises robust APIs that support synchronous and asynchronous calls for fine user control.
  • The optional FFMPEG plug-in can be fit right into your media framework without any hassles.
  • i264 encoder for Intel platforms is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms.
  • The encoder is also available in a non-GPU assist mode for pure CPU servers like the E5 class of processors.

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