Ittiam is a technology company globally trusted to identify and conquer the most complex
challenges faced by the video industry. By harnessing our extensive expertise and
innovation in video, we deliver intelligent high-performance solutions to industry leaders,
redefining the power of video technology ‘everywhere’.

Ittiam is an acronym for Descarte’s philosophical dictum – I Think, Therefore I Am,
signifying our unending quest for widening our horizons of knowledge to achieve technology excellence.

Our brand tagline –
THINK VIDEO – forms the cornerstone
of all that we do and deliver.

It conveys our passion for video. And for creating an enriching technology ecosystem that helps redefine video. At the core of this passion are our advanced media codecs and solutions. These are an integral part of over a hundred million embedded and online audio/video applications of top global mobility, cloud and media technology companies.

THINK VIDEO also reflects our growing quest for combining ‘real intelligence’ with video, as we set out to shape a new era of Intelligent Video – that promises an exciting vista of possibilities. In keeping with this goal, we offer a comprehensive suite of compelling media business solutions.

THINKode – Machine Learning (ML) based content adaptive encoding solution that redefines OTT content creation.
As we look to redefine the future of video, we also have several prototypes of ML based solutions waiting in the pipeline.

The Ittiam Impact


Efficiency and agility


Class leading performance


Faster time-to-market


Highest level of quality


Exemplary engagement experience



Our Customers

15+ years of experiences
400+ Customers
55+ Patents

Our Partners and Alliances

Unflinching Commitment to the Highest Level of Quality

We constantly aim to deliver value for all our stakeholders – customers, partners, people and investors – through effective compliance with our Quality Management System based on the rigorous AS9100C standard.

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