30% bandwidth savings combined with accelerated turnaround. All this without replacing your currently deployed encoder. That’s exactly what THINKode delivers.

Leverage our advanced machine learning based content adaptive encoding and distributed chunked encoding architecture to optimize bandwidth utilization and speed up processing.

Redefine OTT Content Creation by Harnessing Real Intelligence

Maximize your H.264 encoder | Achieve 30% bandwidth savings

THINKode Impact

  • Save more with advanced machine learning

  • Speed up your turnaround

  • Future proof your solution

  • Deliver guaranteed visual quality

  • Simplify integration

  • Customize to suit your needs

Enjoy 30% savings in encoding output across your content portfolio with our advanced machine learning based content adaptive encoding. This translates into direct savings in costs for storage and CDN distribution.

By using machine learning instead of iterative methods, THINKode helps you achieve bandwidth optimization at much higher speeds. Combined with chunk based processing across multiple processor nodes, it reduces the encoding turnaround time significantly.

Machine learning makes THINKode highly adaptable to various codec implementations and ready for future formats – making the solution codec agnostic. Simply retrain THINKode to the encoder format and implementation of your choice, or your unique content profile, and it is ready to yield better results.

At the core of THINKode is the built-in QA process driven by Ittiam’s fast, proprietary, hybrid video quality metric. The QA process basically ensures superior correlation with subjective video quality. In addition, it keeps a strict tab on quality parameters, and effectively manages the results by suitably re-encoding chunks to guarantee specified quality levels.

Other optimizer products typically require significant modifications to your content preparation workflow, thereby disrupting your well-oiled production setup. But THINKode’s minimally invasive integration architecture works with your current encoders, easing your integration woes.

From the desired quality levels to number of nodes for parallel encoding, THINKode provides all the necessary controls to make it the best fit for your content preparation requirements. It uses your customized encoding recipe as a starting point, and delivers additional gains by reusing everything you have tweaked in your workflow to achieve perfect results.

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