Looking to wow your audiences with
stellar sound?


Choose from Ittiam’s suite of audio effects and post processing technologies

to enhance sound and personalize the audio experience for your end-users.


Reduce cost and time to market

with our field-proven software IPs optimized for power efficiency and performance over a range of processors


Easily integrate our renowned algorithms

with your smartwatches, activity trackers, music players and smartphones to enable engaging user experiences with stellar sound quality

“We Enable Outstanding Sound with Powerformance
– Power Efficiency + High Performance”

Mukund Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer, Ittiam

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Create Immersive Experiences with Stunning Audio Effects & Processing

  • Enhance sound to suit listeners’ preferences by accurately controlling the
    frequency spectrum of audio.
  • Support up to 10 bands of equalization for mono/stereo audio up to 48 KHz.
  • Eliminate listening fatigue and enable a pleasant out-of-head listening experience
    by giving the perception of sound originating from external speakers.
  • Transport users to a range of listening environments such as a concert hall,
    home theatre or an amphitheater, helping them enjoy the true impact of
    rich and distinct sounds.
  • Deliver clean, crisp and sophisticated sound quality by defining an upper-limit
    to the peak value of the audio data, while removing the risk
    of distortion due to clipping.
  • Reduce the dynamic range of audio, by increasing the level of soft passages
    and decreasing the level of loud sections in the
    audio content.
  • Allow listeners to enjoy the richness of sound even in the presence of
    ambient noise.
  • Deliver 5.1 multi-channel content over headphones or two speakers,
    and immerse your listeners in an unbelievably accurate
    surround sound environment.
  • Provide 3D depth and stereo separation, as well as reverb with presets
    for room acoustics.
  • Up to 1/6x to 6x resampling of audio across diverse input sampling rates.
  • Handle mono/stereo/multichannel re-sampling of 16/32-bit input and output formats.
  • Normalize audio loudness beyond the EBU R 128 standards defined by
    Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act.

Experience Ittiam’s stunning audio solutions portfolio

The Ittiam Advantage


Power efficiency while delivering the best performance


High channel densities for real time and offline processing


Extensive validation in the field to deliver high quality and eliminate audio distortions


Easy integration, enabling faster deployment and time-to-market


Advanced parameters to easily configure and adapt to user preferences and system requirements

Optimized for a whole range of platforms


TI C64x+ DSP architecture

Available on all DSP/SOCs with C64x+/C66x DSP cores including TI DM646x, TI DM814x, TI DM816x (Netra), TI C667x (Shannon) and C66AKHxx (Keystone)


ARM Cortex A7/A8/A9/A15 cores

And any ARM based chipset/SoC

X86 CPU:

Intel x86 cores

And any x86 based platforms from Intel and AMD

Realize a Wide Array of Application Use Cases


Smart Wearables


Smart bands

Smart activity trackers

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Automotive Infotainment

Rear seat entertainment

Voice assistant


Consumer Infotainment

Audio recorders

Music players


Smart Home

Digital assistants

Smart remotes

Intelligent speakers

Automation pods

Build Smart Wearables with our Low Power Audio Solutions

Dazzle Your Audience with a Great Karaoke Experience

Ittiam’s SBC Codec enables top US smartwatch brand
to deliver outstanding quality of experience.

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