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December 7, 2018

“IP Creation is at the Heart of our DNA. Open Source Enriches it.”

Hear it from Srini Rajam,
Chairman & CEO, Ittiam

Working at the crossroads of both IP and open source technology, Ittiam continues to drive innovations that empower its customers to achieve faster time-to-market and solid competitive advantage. Srini Rajam, CEO & Chairman, Ittiam, provides a peek into Ittiam’s IP and Open Source saga.

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Bluetooth audio codec
June 19, 2018

Our Audio Codec Solutions Power the Top Brands with ‘Powerformance’

‘Tete-a-tete’ with Mukund Srinivasan,
Chief Business Officer, Ittiam

Consumers today relish powerful sonic experiences across a wide array of applications including smart TVs, smart phones, wearables, home entertainment systems, and in-car infotainment. Definitely not possible without the Powerformance – power efficiency and high performance – delivered by our proven portfolio of audio solutions! Tune into all that Mukund has to say about our audio technology and expertise, and how Ittiam is geared to tackle emerging market needs and trends.

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