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October 18, 2016

Efficiency in Cloud Transcoding

by Prashanth Dixit (Principal Engineer, Media Server Technologies)

The latest Intel devices targeted at media centric loads, such as the Intel Xeon E3v4 processors, include integrated GPUs and dedicated video hardware that significantly improve the video processing capabilities of these processors. These devices feature Intel’s QuickSync Video (QSV) that offers significantly high encoding channel densities. At the fastest speed setting, QSV is capable […]

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August 5, 2016

MPEG2-TS Encapsulation Overheads in HLS

by Prashanth Dixit (Principal Engineer, Media Server Technologies)

The MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MPEG2-TS, M2TS orTS) is a standard container format specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems (ISO/IEC standard 13818-1).MPEG2-TS encapsulates digital audio and video, offering error correction and synchronization features. Introduced in 1995, it has been extensively used for transmission and storage in broadcast systems such as DVB, ATSC and IPTV. Recent years have seen the […]

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November 16, 2015

Reflections on the First MSU HEVC Encoder Comparison Study Report

by Dr. Sriram Sethuraman (CTO)

Ittiam’s i265 HEVC encoder recognized as ‘pareto optimal’ in MSU report Moscow State University’s HEVC/H.265 video encoder comparison study report was released to the public recently. This is one of the first independent evaluations of HEVC encoder offerings in the marketplace with a focus on file based transcoding that aimed at studying 3 segments (fast […]

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April 4, 2014

VP9 Video Encoder with Faster Turnaround

by Ranjit Kumar Tulabandu (Principal Engineer, Media Server Technologies)

libvpx is a software video codec library from Google which serves as the reference software implementation for the VP8 and VP9 video coding standards. libvpx is distributed as open source software under a revised BSD License. VP9 video encoding algorithms, as implemented in libvpx, offer a BD rate improvement of up to 40% over H.264/AVC […]

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