It’s the new era of high efficiency. Where video coding is all about achieving uncompromising quality combined with outstanding performance. No wonder, industry leaders are increasingly adopting Ittiam’s i265 suite of HEVC/H.265 codecs to realize the promise of High Efficiency Video Coding.


Pristine Quality

Deliver pristine video quality with our comprehensive toolsets, features and HDR formats fortified by our patented advanced algorithms


High Speed

urbocharge 4Kp60 encoding and ABR streaming by using the only HEVC encoder with distributed GPU accelerated processing

Join industry leaders like Google, Imagine Communications and many others in leveraging the power of i265 encoders and decoders to maximize your returns from HEVC.

Take Efficiency to the Next Level


Achieve outstanding visual quality

Proprietary algorithms tuned for the best visual quality

Full feature encoder with all profiles and features including interlaced encoding

Advanced look ahead with >20% bandwidth savings for creative cinematic effects


Deliver never-seen-before, stunning colors with comprehensive HDR

Up to 4:2:2 12-bit range extensions
REC 2020 color space
Signaling for REC 2020, BT.709, BT.609
Mastering display SMPTE ST 2086 and ST 2084


Drive high performance ABR, 4K/8K

Efficient GOP-aligned multi-profile encoding with >2x performance gains
Scalable, GPU-accelerated distributed implementations for fast 4K/8K encoding
High scalability and performance with multi-core CPU implementations


Enable the best latency figures

Sub 100ms latency modes for applications such as video conferencing and collaboration
Sub second latency for high quality applications like contribution and live sports
Multiple configurable parameters for a trade-off between latency and quality
Special rate control modes for strict CBR encoding


Ensure hassle-free integration

Simple APIs that support both synchronous and asynchronous calls
Options for standalone SDK or FFMPEG plug-ins on Linux, Windows and Mac OS
Rigorous functional, video quality and interoperability tests
Integration with commercial workflows and media processing pipelines


Get more with our advanced features

Film grain noise preservation
Dynamic bit rate and resolution change
Advanced GOP control and rate control modes – CBR, VBR, CaVBR
Support for ancillary data, including SEI, VUI and user data
Blu-ray ready encoding

A comprehensive suite of codecs tailored to your varied needs

i265 HEVC encoders, available in multiple variants with optimized licensing options


Pristine Quality CPU-encoder for offline and cloud workflows


High Speed CPU-only encoder for real time HD, 4K encoding in cloud and on-premise servers


High Speed GPU accelerated encoders for integrated GPUs from Intel for desktops, portable and field equipment


Distributed implementation of i265-HS-ix for platforms such as Intel VCA and HP Moonshot for real time 4Kp60 performance with compelling cost and power benefits

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