HD Enterprise Class Content Distribution and Delivery Now Enabled with Ittiam’s Video Networking System on TI’s DaVinci™ digital media technology

HD Enterprise Class Content Distribution and Delivery Now Enabled with Ittiam’s Video Networking System on TI’s DaVinci™ digital media technology

September 13, 2011

Video Networking System from Ittiam offers high-definition, enterprise-grade media distribution complete with advanced QoS and security for deployment over Wide Area Network

BANGALORE, India, Sep 13 2011 –Ittiam announced the availability of Video Networking System (VNS) for enterprise content distribution (ECD) addressing the requirement of a complete media delivery system within an organization. VNS enables end users to record, stream, playback content, as well as collaborate across a heterogeneous set of devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, desktop video conferencing units, as well as tele-presence systems.

VNS allows OEMs to deliver the ECD solution across multiple hardware platforms and operating systems leveraging the existing infrastructure. The scalable architecture allows OEMs to develop media delivery solutions suited for organizations of different sizes. With rich feature set across content acquisition, storage, delivery and collaboration, VNS allows OEMs to address all the critical use cases of a high quality content distribution system.

“With the DM8168 DaVinci™ digital media processor, – TI’s latest, industry-leading video processor, Ittiam now brings full HD (1080p60fps) live streaming and video conferencing to VNS,” said Sattam Dasgupta, vice president, media streaming business, Ittiam. “In addition, VNS leverages the rich system-on-chip (SoC) capability of the DM8168 DaVinci digital media processor to offer concurrent functionality of store, record, stream multiple channels on a single SOC – significantly reducing cost of deployment.”

“We are pleased that our DM8168 DaVinci digital media processor is a part of Ittiam’s VNS,” said Tom Ballew, product manager, DM81x DaVinci digital media processors, TI. “This particular processor offers three times the video processing performance than other digital media products on the market, which enables some of the great multimedia features on the VNS, such as recording and streaming media at 1080p60.”

VNS is based on industry standard protocols allowing for interoperation with existing infrastructure. VNS also addresses security and content protection concerns through water marking and related industry standard protocols such as HDCP, AES, SRTP and more, enabling sharing of the information across collocated offices.

For more information on technical details or to receive the demonstration package, visit the Ittiam website at www.ittiam.com or contact mkt@ittiam.com.

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