Ittiam enables OpenCL based VP9 Encode for Mobile and Consumer Applications

Ittiam enables OpenCL based VP9 Encode for Mobile and Consumer Applications

Working closely with WebM team, Ittiam showcases class leading performance optimization and energy efficiency for high-quality HD VP9 Encoding

Santa Clara, California – January 12, 2016

Ittiam Systems, leading provider of solutions to the Consumer, Mobile and Online Video Industry, announces innovative, industry-first OpenCL-based VP9 Video Encoding on processors designed for Smartphones and Tablets.

Ittiam’s high performance solution takes advantage of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) availability on higher end mobile platforms and the OpenCL abstraction layer to achieve class-leading Encode performance on high-end consumer devices. By offloading significant parts of the code in compute intensive Encoding algorithms in VP9, Ittiam is able to limit the energy impact for high-definition video encoding. This in turn makes mobile power affordable for applications like Camcorder and WebRTC based video call, for Semiconductor manufacturers, Electronic OEMs and end Consumers. With extensive optimizations for ARM CPU and a coherent, highly-optimized utilization of onboard GPUs through OpenCL, the solution opens newer and innovative markets for VP9 Encoding on mobile devices. With VP9 gaining significant traction, driven by YouTube adoption and the momentum from recently formed ‘Alliance for Open Media’, Ittiam’s solution makes software-optimized GPU solutions very relevant for high performance Encoding of advanced video algorithms, without compromising battery life.

“High performance, Intelligent tradeoffs of compute and energy efficiency, innovative partitioning between the CPU and GPU, all while not sacrificing Encoding quality when compared to dedicated and higher-end video cameras, make Ittiam’s OpenCL accelerated VP9 Encoding for Mobile devices a unique and innovative solution.”, said Matt Frost, Head of Strategic Alliances for WebM. “We need to ensure any technology we enable at WebM, like VP9, are implemented and realized practically in today’s SOC’s for practical applications by end consumers. Working with Ittiam closely, we have been able to make a good impact on this front with our initial demonstration on Samsung S6, our first target for VP9 HD Encoding on a higher-end mass market consumer device, without sacrificing battery performance, a key mobile parameter”.

“The world’s most innovative video companies benchmark power, performance and quality as the iron triangle barometer to bring out the best software capabilities in a platform with limited hardware resources.”, said Mukund Srinivasan, VP, Consumer and Mobility Solutions at Ittiam. “We are pleased that our OpenCL accelerated VP9 Encoding solution on ARM Mali has met the high standards set by the WebM team, and will in turn enable VP9 solutions for OEMs and end consumers, over and above the YouTube playback application”.

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