Ittiam invites Blogger’s from Bangalore to showcase the power of the emerging Video Compression Standard – HEVC

Ittiam invites Blogger’s from Bangalore to showcase the power of the emerging Video Compression Standard – HEVC

June 20, 2013

Bangalore: On 20th June, Ittiam had invited a group of eminent online bloggers and respected, well-followed technology evangelists to showcase the power of the new and emerging video compression standard – known commonly as HEVC, or H.265, and the future of the currently widely used H.264 or AVC for online video – and how Ittiam is at the forefront of this technology adoption as well as helping the leading players in the ecosystem, across the world, adopt this technology en masse. The event started off with a short welcome by Ittiam Chairman and CEO, Srini Rajam, followed by a detailed overview of the technology itself, the adoption trends and finally where it can be harnessed to its full potential by way of leveraged Cloud services around media workflows. The evening ended with a demo of the HEVC technology developed at Ittiam by way of an Intellectual Property, which is ready to be licensed to prospective customers, worldwide.

HEVC Debrief

H.265 (or popularly known as HEVC) is a joint development by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG). HEVC is said to improve video quality and double the data compression ratio compared to its preceding standard H.264, and can support resolutions up to 8K Ultra High Definition (7680 x 4320). HEVC has the potential to be nearly twice as efficient as H.264 in compression. Initial estimates of Ittiam’s HEVC encoder show up to 30% – 50% compression efficiency over standard H.264 encoders. Greater compression is the need of the hour.

HEVC Relevance

HEVC appeals to Content Contributors, Distributors and Consumers, alike: For OTT (Over-The-Top) contributors, to be able to encode higher resolution content for streaming and/or storing and also transcoding existing non-HEVC content to HEVC to stream out to HEVC compatible decoders.

For OTT distributors, to be able to transport content with faster throughput at the same network bandwidth.
For OTT consumers, to be able to watch their favorite videos at higher resolutions at better quality without paying more for bandwidth and also in storing more downloaded content in the same memory capacity. In addition, user generated content encoded in HEVC format will utilize lower bandwidth for uploading than when encoded in H.264/MPEG-2 formats.
HEVC goes beyond just compression and quality. With complimentary streaming technologies like MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming – HEVC promises to bring more than just compression and quality. The exponential growth in user generated content and with multiple multicore processor variations flooding the embedded market, it is just a matter of time when the demand for a software codec will be needed for ease of porting across platforms and deploying on wide ranging devices. More streaming content is all going to be adaptive giving rise to the need for real-time adaptive bit rate encoding, transcoding and decoding of such content.

Ittiam HEVC

Ittiam System’s HEVC Encoder is a software implementation on Intel x86 based platforms, capable of High Definition (HD) broadcast quality video encoding with up to 50% compression gains over H.264 based encoders. This significant improvement in compression ratio will enable Broadcasters and Over The Top (OTT) service providers to realize higher capacity in transmission of HD as well as UltraHD (4K/2K) content at lower bitrates. Ittiam’s HEVC Encoder also targets offline content creation and re-purposing for Cloud and Server based media services. Ittiam Systems’ HEVC Decoder software for ARM CortexTM-A9 and CortexTM-A15 based SoCs allows a wide range of existing Consumer Electronics (CE) devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes to play back High Definition (HD) HEVC content. Architected to take advantage of ARMv7 Instruction Set Architecture, NEONTM engine and multi core processors, Ittiam’s HEVC Decoder enables early deployment of the HEVC standard without the need for new or dedicated silicon. HEVC (H.265) represents a significant transition point in the Digital Media market. Content creators, broadcasters, OTT providers, network operators and consumers alike will benefit from the compression and quality gains that HEVC offers. Ittiam’s HEVC software solutions were publicly demonstrated at CES 2013, MWC 2013 and also at the recently concluded NAB 2013 show at Las Vegas.
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