Venue: Westgate Central tower Suite – C, Las Vegas
Date: April 8-11, 2019

Key Solutions We are Showcasing

Ittiam AV1 Encoder

Achieve the perfect trade-off between quality & speed


  • Higher performance at same quality of libAOM
  • New preset at 20%+ gains over open source HEVC at similar speed
  • Compliant to libAOM specifications

ML and AI Based Solutions

THINKode – Our CAE solution and computer vision based video analytics

  • Video innovations driven by our deep expertise in ML and AI
  • THINKode CAE to extend life of existing encoder. Supports video standards from AVC to AV1
  • Video analytics using optimized CV techniques for automation

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ARM Video Transcoder

Enjoy cost advantage combined with high scalability with our media transcoder on Amazon A1 cloud instance

  • Rich set of video codec + muxer + de-muxer in GStreamer based pipeline
  • Transcoding on AWS A1 Instance
  • Efficient multi-core design with scalability across cores

HEVC Low Latency Solution for Video Collaboration

Realize sub 100 msec latency with GPU accelerated high performance and low power operation

  • Intel GPU accelerated solution for video collaboration
  • 4K30 support at low power
  • Supports adaptive frame and bitrate along with adaptive intra refresh

High Performance Audio Codecs and Post Processing

Scintillate your audience with great sound technology

  • Audio Loudness Measurement and Levelling (LML) to ensure consistence of audio loudness levels
  • Designed in compliance with Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM)
  • Transcoder with high quality audio codecs, post processing, demuxer/muxer and parser/creators