Ittiam Announces Android™-Based Video Phone With HD Playback

Ittiam Announces Android™-Based Video Phone With HD Playback

September 16, 2010

H.264 VGA full frame rate video phone with 720p media playback solution on TI’s OMAP3530 processor

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 16 — Widening the use of video phone to newer application spaces and environments, Ittiam today announced its ready-to-integrate video phone system on the Android™ operating system.

The latest video phone offering from Ittiam delivers VGA-class communication at full frame rate H.264 and a high-definition (HD), multi-format 720p media player, supporting up to 30 frames per second. The complete system runs seamlessly on the OMAP3530 processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) and can facilitate designs where portability and low power are of prime importance. In addition, this software solution encapsulates Ittiam’s proven technologies in audio video synchronization, echo cancellation, communication grade latency, interoperability and quality of service over public networks.

The uniquely architected high definition (HD) codecs from Ittiam take advantage of the OMAP3530 device architecture through their multi-core design. These optimized codecs help ODMs deliver high-quality HD playback and record capability on OMAP3530 processor-based Android devices. Additionally, the media system’s extensions to the underlying Android framework enable a wide range of standard Android applications to run on the media-rich low-power OMAP3530 processor.

The video phone system enables easy integration of video communication into consumer-oriented, Android-based products, such as tablets, desktop video phones, smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), digital photo frames and more. The software is designed to provide a rich, HD video entertainment experience, as well as high-quality life-like video communication.

“The Android-based video phone combines the Android user experience with Ittiam’s unmatched video quality and performance on the very popular OMAP3530 processor,” said Sattam Dasgupta, vice president, media streaming business, Ittiam. “We expect the combination to spur increased adoption of video communication technologies across devices at home or work.”

“TI’s OMAP3530 device was the perfect solution for Ittiam’s Android-based video phone,” said Vineet Ganju, DaVinci marketing manager, TI. “It offers the powerful combination of low power with the HD video performance required for the video phone.”

Ittiam’s Android offerings include the complete stack from hardware, board support package (BSP), media system and the application. It also includes application-specific, end-to-end Android™ implementations involving customization tailored to customer’s devices.

This consumer/enterprise class system can be licensed in a flexible production model that combines an upfront fee and a royalty-per-unit of production. To enable customers minimize their cost of exploration and marketing, Ittiam also offers a prototype license option. In addition, an evaluation license is available for a fixed duration for customers interested in detailed evaluation of the system.

For more information on technical details or to receive the demonstration package, visit the Ittiam website at www.ittiam.com or contact mkt@ittiam.com.

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