Ittiam Announces Media Cloud Foray

Ittiam Announces Media Cloud Foray

March 21, 2013

Leveraging a decade of expertise in Media and Device workflows, Ittiam is investing in Cloud capabilities to enhance Online Video experience

BANGALORE, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ittiam Systems, a leader in video technologies and multimedia systems, today announced its foray into Cloud Media processing, in connecting the content creator and the consumer via the ubiquitous Internet.

With content becoming the primary focus of emerging workflows, Ittiam is pleased to announce a focused investment to address that market. The company’s new division, Ittiam Media Labs, will develop and deliver end-to-end workflows that enable Media Enterprises to leverage the power of the Cloud on top of the video processing expertise that Ittiam is renowned for, over the years.

Ittiam Media Labs will focus on Quality of Experience, with technology differentiation coming out of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding also known as H.265) processing, among the first companies to offer that technology on the Cloud. It will cater to a genre of customers: a) niche content owner looking to monetize the content better, b) enterprise looking to leverage the power of the Cloud to trade-off between capital and operating investments, c) Online Video services provider focused on seamless consumer experiences and d) Telco looking to improve efficiencies in the network to provide a tangible value that comes out of a compelling workflow.

“Media in the Cloud is a natural next step for Ittiam, where we have always been focused on disruptive innovations in the media processing technologies,” said Srini Rajam, Chairman and CEO of Ittiam Systems. “We expect online video solution providers to place a premium on the efficiency of multi-format distributions, a cornerstone of online delivery to multiple screens of Internet-connected, smart devices. This is backed by the strong interest we are seeing from online video platforms and content consumption platforms looking to differentiate and move up the value chain.“

The media cloud services business unit at Ittiam is led by Mukund Srinivasan, General Manager, who was earlier Senior Director at Avid Technology (Montreal, Canada) for its Media Cloud Delivery Strategy. Mukund joined Ittiam in mid-2012 to lead the new investment and in a short time span the company has already started demonstrating powerful workflows to key partners and prospective customers across the world. Demonstrations will also be available at NAB 2013. For more information on Ittiam’s Cloud solutions, visit the Cloud booth of Ittiam SU10416 at Las Vegas, April 8-11, 2013. To schedule a meeting at NAB 2013, contact cloud-nab2013@ittiam.com.

About Ittiam Systems Private Limited

Ittiam Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a technology company singularly focused on embedded media centric systems. It operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world. Ittiam’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and are distributed across U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia. Since 2004 the company has been consistently rated as the “World’s Most Preferred DSP IP Supplier” in the annual surveys conducted by Forward Concepts Incorporated. In 2005 Ittiam had been selected by Red Herring into the top 100 private companies in Asia. In February 2007, Ittiam received the NASSCOM India IT Innovation Award, a prestigious recognition. In July 2011 Ittiam’s VC won the Product of the Year 2010 from Communications Solutions. In January 2012 Ittiam won two Product of the Year 2011 awards from Internet Telephony. Embedding Ittiam IP inside, annual volume of customers’ products shipped such as Smartphones, Tablets, Broadcast, Video Communication and Wi-Fi Devices is in several tens of millions units.

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