Ittiam Introduces Android™-Based HD Video Conferencing on Texas Instruments OMAP™ 4 Platform

Ittiam Introduces Android™-Based HD Video Conferencing on Texas Instruments OMAP™ 4 Platform

January 11, 2011

Showcases its innovative, patent pending Embedded HD Video-bridge (MCU) technology at CES 2011

BANGALORE, India, Jan. 11 — Ittiam announces the successful demonstration of a high definition (HD) video conferencing system running on Android™ and the OMAP™ 4 platform from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The system is targeted for next generation devices that will integrate and offer HD communication and embedded bridging for video conferencing between multiple participants. These devices include smartphones, desktop phones, tablets, smart cameras, video conferencing equipment, IP set top boxes (IP-STBs) and over the top (OTT) boxes.

Ittiam’s OMAP 4 platform-based multi-party video conferencing system features an innovative patent-pending Embedded Bridge technology that enables a single device to function simultaneously as an end-point as well as a bridge or MCU. It is capable of driving 4-way 720p video conferencing. Of course, the software solution also supports high quality peer-to-peer 720p class HD video conferencing.

The HD Conferencing and Bridging System (CBS) is powered by Ittiam’s matured, field-tested Video Communications System (VCS), running on the Android operating system. Currently available on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) version, the software solution can be upgraded with minimal effort to future Android versions thanks to seamless interfacing between VCS and Android. Ittiam’s VCS supports integrations via standard interfaces including OpenMAX™ and Audio Flinger. The media system software has also been tested for interoperability with several industry standard phones.

“Ittiam is committed to pushing the envelope on video communications media technology and providing OEM/ODM manufacturers with new systems that would help them create new generation products.” said Sattam Dasgupta, vice president, media streaming business, Ittiam. “The bridge technology and OMAP 4 platform open up exciting possibilities for consumers. Not only can they make HD video calls on a handheld, but also conference with multiple friends at the same time.”

The software-solution is a fusion of three dominant technologies in the market today – Ittiam’s premier video communication system, the OMAP 4 platform’s image processor and the Android operating system. Together, these offer unlimited application possibilities to ODMs and OEMs.

“TI’s OMAP 4 platform is optimized to power the 720p HD video teleconferencing application within a low power budget, creating the optimal foundation for a compelling user experience on mobile devices. Ittiam’s solution brings the next layer of capability to that experience—harnessing the processing capabilities of the OMAP 4 technology to deliver HD, 720p video teleconferencing, whether peer-to-peer or four-way communications. The result is an unparalleled experience that can remain consistent across multiple end user devices, helping to make video teleconferencing an indispensible application for consumers.” said Fred Cohen, director, OMAP wireless ecosystem, TI.

Ittiam’s HD Conferencing and Bridging System (CBS) can be licensed in a flexible model that combines an upfront fee and a royalty-per-unit of production. Also, to enable customers minimize their cost of exploration and marketing, Ittiam offers a prototype license option. In addition, an evaluation license is available for a fixed duration for customers interested in detailed evaluation of the system.

For more information on technical details or to receive the demonstration package, visit the Ittiam website at www.ittiam.com or contact mkt@ittiam.com.

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