Ittiam Systems Announces Availability of 802.11g Silicon IP for Licensing

Ittiam Systems Announces Availability of 802.11g Silicon IP for Licensing

June 16, 2004

Technology licensed by customers in North America and Asia

Ittiam Systems today announced the availability of its IEEE 802.11g compliant wireless LAN (Local Area Network) physical layer as a silicon IP, ready for delivery and integration in system on chip (SoC) designs. First released in December 2003, the synthesizable core has been already licensed by customers in North America and Asia. The 802.11g silicon IP adds to the company’s existing portfolio of IEEE 802.11b and 802.11a physical layers and the IEEE 802.11 MAC.

Ittiam Systems’ 802.11g physical layer silicon IP is delivered as a synthesizable RTL (Verilog and VHDL) core, along with extensive documentation, verification test benches and floating and fixed point simulation models. Ittiam provides a hardware verification platform capable of validating operation and performance at 54 Mbps with the physical layer on a FPGA (field programmable gate array). It also demonstrates the interoperability of the wireless LAN IP over the air using RF chipsets from many vendors.

The 802.11g physical layer synthesizable core has been designed with cost, performance and time-to-market as priorities. It offers competitive gate count and high performance through advanced signal processing algorithms for acquisition, synchronization, channel estimation and equalization. Ittiam actively participates with its licensees in the integration of the physical layer IP with their SoC designs, including integration with an 802.11 MAC and 802.11g RF chipset.

The synthesizable core is also offered on the latest generation FPGA devices from Altera and Xilinx for custom applications of wireless LANs.

The performance and quality of Ittiam’s 802.11g IP is established through the multiple licenses that it has secured globally.

About Ittiam

Ittiam Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, is a technology product company singularly focussed on digital signal processing systems in media and communication. The company operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world. Ittiam’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and are distributed across U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia. For more details, visit www.ittiam.com.


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