Ittiam Systems announces availability of new solutions for ABR, audio loudness and video monitoring

Ittiam Systems announces availability of new solutions for ABR, audio loudness and video monitoring

April 02, 2013

Real-time solutions for high quality content creation, efficient delivery and seamless playback in broadcast applications

Ittiam Systems, a leader in multimedia technologies, today announced the availability of new solutions, offered as Software Development Kits (SDKs), adding to the current portfolio of solutions for content distribution and delivery in the broadcast market. These new SDKs are available for high density/high definition (HD) decoding for in-studio multi-viewer and monitoring applications, CALM Act compliant Loudness Measurement and Leveling (LML) solution and audio/video Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) with support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH).

Targeting the fast growing OTT/second screen delivery systems, Ittiam Systems’ new Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) SDK provides a comprehensive implementation of server systems with support for both HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) as well as MPEG-DASH. Utilizing powerful built-in hardware support for video compression and preprocessing on the DaVinci™ TMS320DM816x video processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), the system can support high-channel density transcoding/encoding of HD content to tablets and phones. The Ittiam ABR SDK solution can be completed with a ready to install client for Android devices.

Ittiam Systems’ field proven high density, multi-format audio transcoding solution is now enhanced with CALM/EBU R-128 complaint audio loudness monitoring and leveling capabilities, implemented on TI’s TMS320C667x (C667x) DSP. The solution is built on an efficient multicore framework that enables efficient scheduling of multiple audio transcodes on many cores achieving best channel densities. Also available is a new video decode SDK on TI’s DM816x DaVinci video processor, capable of realizing multiple HD decodes for video wall and monitoring applications.

The SDKs are complemented by Ittiam Systems’ next generation neonCaster Hardware Platform, which offers a modular and flexible approach to building hardware for broadcast equipment.

“TI’s broad range of video processors combined with Ittiam Systems’ rich technology provides customers with a complete, easy-to-use solution,” said Atul Verma, business manager, video and audio infrastructure, TI. “We are happy to once again collaborate with a leader in this space that is committed to enabling advanced broadcast applications, as well as ABR, HLS and MPEG-DASH.”

Rohit Bhuva, Vice President of Business Development at Ittiam Systems noted, “With deep expertise in multimedia systems for the broadcast market and many years of experience with TI’smulticore DSPs, our broadcast offerings are optimized to deliver best-in-class value for our customers who are looking for the right price-to-performance ratio. Our field-proven codecs and systems coupled with TI’s world class DSPs enable customers to reduce time to market without compromising on quality.”

Ittiam’s solutions for the broadcast market will be on demonstration at NAB Show 2013 (Booth SU11414), along with solutions for HEVC/H.265 encoding, transcoding and decoding. For more information on Ittiam’s broadcast solutions, please visit the Ittiam website at broadcast or contact us at mkt@ittiam.com. To schedule a meeting at NAB Show 2013, please contact us at nab2013@ittiam.com.

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