Ittiam Systems announces new audio software bundle for Texas Instruments’ C64x+™ Digital Signal Proc

Ittiam Systems announces new audio software bundle for Texas Instruments’ C64x+™ Digital Signal Proc

June 17, 2009

Bundle of 16 audio components help to speed development time and minimize cost for a wide variety of applications

Ittiam Systems today announced the availability of a bundle of audio codecs for the Texas Instruments’ C64x+™ family of digital signal processors (DSP). The software bundle is a comprehensive suite of production-qualified audio codecs that reduces design time and minimizes cost. It encompasses a set of highly optimized decoders that support playback of the most popular audio formats, as well as encoders for recording.

The audio bundle includes a wide range of audio standards including MP3, AAC, HE-AAC v2, BSAC, Microsoft WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC and Vorbis decoders, as well as HE-AAC v2 and AAC-LC encoders. These are complemented with G.711 and GSM-AMR speech codecs and a resampler. The software bundle is available for licensing as a full pack of 16 audio components or a pack of 8 components of customer’s choice. All components are eXpressDSP™ Digital Media (xDM) compliant and are also available in Texas Instruments’ Codec Engine framework for customers using digital media processors based on DaVinci™ technology.

This product offering benefits from Ittiam Systems’ extended work on the C64x+ core combined with deep expertise in developing audio codecs. Licensed and deployed by several leading companies, the codec implementations offer high quality, standards compliance and robustness with minimal processor resource utilization.

“Ittiam has been a leading Texas Instruments third party for audio and video for years, providing a great portfolio of audio IPs across C64x+ based devices,” said Jacob Alamat, Digital Media Processors business manager. “Bundling multiple, high performance audio components for these TI DSPs is another step towards speeding the development of audio applications for our customers.”

Optimized to fully utilize the processing power of the C64x+ DSP core, the audio codecs achieve high performance and footprint, enabling the codecs to be easily integrated into various video applications with Ittiam video codecs, as well as other third party video codecs.

The multitude of standards supported makes the product suitable for a wide range of applications such as portable media, automotive infotainment, in-flight entertainment, digital media adapters, IP set-top boxes, digital video recorders, professional audio equipment, videophones, surveillance and many more.

“Support for a variety of compression standards has become a necessity in multimedia-enabled designs,” stated Shantanu Jha, Vice President for Media Processing at Ittiam Systems. “Providing a set of high quality, resource efficient and production proven codecs, this audio bundle enables a broad range of next-generation applications. The performance and robustness of our solution, combined with our support, provide time and cost advantages to customers designing with TI C64x+ processors.”

The C64x+ audio bundle is available immediately and comes with engineering support of up to 16 hours on the following TI platforms – DM644x, DM646x, DM643x and DM648.

For further information on performance and business model on this offer, please contact audiobundle@ittiam.com or visit the products section at www.ittiam.com.

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