Ittiam Systems brings a new set of transcoding solutions on Texas Instruments’ high performance proc

Ittiam Systems brings a new set of transcoding solutions on Texas Instruments’ high performance proc

April 21, 2009

Two new offerings for high definition video and high density audio transcoding

At the NAB Show, Ittiam Systems today announced two new compelling products – a transcoding subsystem for high definition (HD) video, as well as a transcoding subsystem for high density audio.

The HD audio/video transcoding subsystem is a light-weight, portable media-engine that greatly simplifies the creation of an A/V transcoding application. Available on the Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320DM646x digital media processors, it comprises a set of software technology bricks that can be configured in a flexible and efficient manner for realizing multiple A/V transcoding use-cases (such as transcoding, transrating, trans-scaling, interlaced-to-progressive, etc.). The subsystem supports both brute force transcoding and intelligent transcoding (where the information from the incoming stream is re-used for complexity reduction). The first available HD video transcoders using this subsystem showcase MPEG-2 and H.264 standards. This subsystem is flexible enough to support multiple channels of SD (standard definition) transcoding or a single channel of HD transcoding on a single device, or a single channel of high quality HD transcoding that spans two devices.

The high density audio transcoding offering from Ittiam has been designed to enhance the number of channels on a single processor while answering the need to handle multiple audio formats. The subsystem comes pre-integrated with Ittiam audio codecs to support stereo as well as surround audio (5.1) formats. The subsystem supports popular audio formats used in DVD, Digital Video Broadcast and IPTV such as MPEG Layer 2, AAC and HE-AAC formats and also includes support for post processing and stream data handling to improve the listening experience of the end-user. The audio transcoding system is available on the TI TMS320DM648 digital media processor for mid-range transcoding, as well as on the TMS320C6455, and TMS320C6474 for higher channel densities. The DM648 supports over 15 channels and the C6474 supports more than 55 channels for transcoding a MPEG Layer-2 stream to HE-AAC stream.

“Content creators have a very demanding need to support broadcast quality multimedia in a wide range of delivery formats,” says Rohit Bhuva, Vice President Business Development of Ittiam Systems. “We have leveraged our deep expertise in transcoding technology and high performance processors from Texas Instruments to bring to the broadcast market an efficient and comprehensive solution.”

Building upon the audio, video transcode subsystems and codec offering, Ittiam also offers the complete system for transcoding with the MPEG-TS and RTP subsystem for the transport stream and IP encapsulation that supports multiple streams, each with different audio/video formats. The integrated system offers significant cost and time-to-market advantages in broadcast and infrastructure applications.

“These two high performance solutions from Ittiam directly address the multi-channel transcoding and multi-format needs of broadcast and broadband customers,” says Jacob Alamat, digital media processors business manager at TI. “Additionally, customers benefit from the flexibility of these offerings by being able to quickly port these transcoders to other TI devices thus allowing them to streamline their design’s cost.”

Demonstrations of the audio and video transcoding subsystems on TI EVMs are available on request.

For further information on the Ittiam transcoding offering, pricing and availability, please contact us at mkt@ittiam.com.

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