Ittiam Systems to enable multimedia systems based on DaVinci Technology from Texas Instruments

Ittiam Systems to enable multimedia systems based on DaVinci Technology from Texas Instruments

December 14, 2005

Software offerings will leverage new platform to power wide range of video based applications

Ittiam Systems today announced that it will provide a wide range of digital media technologies and systems based on DaVinci technology from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). These solutions will offer advanced performance and features in emerging video centric applications such as IP video telephony, IP television, portable media, video surveillance and media distribution.

Ittiam’s software products on DaVinci technology will support core signal processing functions, complete systems and reference designs, enabling rapid development of applications on the new platform. DaVinci technology provides enhanced signal processing capabilities that will allow increasingly rich multimedia experiences in embedded applications. The common, scalable platform will enable Ittiam to easily address wider markets, ranging from handheld applications to high definition and performance sockets, such as broadcast TV.

TI’s DaVinci technology frees system designers to create world class solutions utilizing a scalable platform with optimized and integrated off-the-shelf building blocks, development tools and support infrastructure, said Greg Mar, DSP system-on-chip platform manager, TI. Companies like Ittiam provide essential software components and system integration support that transform DaVinci technology into complete solutions.

System solutions from Ittiam are targeted at equipments for markets such as video telephony, IP television, media players, video surveillance and media distribution, especially for in-flight, in-car and at home entertainment. These packages consist of integrated signal processing components, networking components, digital rights management, resource managers and comprehensive application programmer’s interfaces for ease of integration into rich user applications. The software package serves as a building block to enable system designers to innovate with market leading solutions, bringing value added products to market quickly.

DaVinci technology from TI is a tremendous step forward in the effort to achieve high end multimedia performances for mass deployment in reduced time, said Srini Rajam, chairman and chief executive officer of Ittiam Systems. Ittiam’s expertise and experience will help enable TI’s DaVinci technology to address key video applications and make the design of such systems easier for developers without digital video expertise. Integrating video features in products will be as simple as writing to an API, allowing developers to easily access the high performance of the digital signal processor.

Ittiam Systems has deep experience in multimedia centric technologies, especially convergence applications on TI processors. These have been licensed to over 50 original equipment manufacturers worldwide. With DaVinci technology the solutions will move to the next level of performance, features and mass deployment.

About Ittiam

Ittiam Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, is a technology product company singularly focussed on digital signal processing systems in media and communication. The company operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world. Ittiam’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and are distributed across U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia. In 2004 the company was rated as the World’s Most Preferred DSP IP Supplier in a survey conducted by Forward Concepts Incorporated. In 2005 Ittiam has been selected by Red Herring into the top 100 private companies in Asia. For more details, visit www.ittiam.com.

About the Texas Instruments Third Party Program

Ittiam Systems is a member of the TI TMS320 third party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry. With more than 650 independent companies and consultants, TI’s customers have easy access to a broad range of application software, development hardware and software and consulting services. For more information on the TI third party program, please visit www.ti.com/3p.


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