Ittiam to Showcase High-Density, High-Quality Broadcast Solutions at NAB 2012

Ittiam to Showcase High-Density, High-Quality Broadcast Solutions at NAB 2012

April 12, 2012

High-definition encoding and transcoding solutions for broadcast and multi-screen delivery systems, based on Texas Instruments’ video and multicore processors.

Bangalore – April 12, 2012 – Building on a decade of experience in technologies for the broadcast market, Ittiam Systems today announced the latest version of its Broadcast Solutions for Contribution, Distribution and Multiscreen Delivery. The solutions include high-quality codecs and production-ready software systems for dense encoding and transcoding, available for licensing by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Along with Ittiam’s neonCaster Hardware Platform, the solutions enable OEMs to significantly reduce time to market for their products.

“With the broadcast industry delivering increasing volumes of high-definition content to a variety of screens, there is a need for solutions offering best-in-class quality and viewing experience while reducing costs of delivery per channel,” said Shantanu Jha, Vice President, Media Processing Business Unit, Ittiam. “With Ittiam’s Broadcast Solutions on system-on-chip (SoC) processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), we are in a position to address the needs of the broadcast market.”

Ittiam’s neonCaster Hardware Platform employs an architecture combining the advantages of TI’s DaVinci™ TMS320DM816x video processor with the flexibility of TI’s TMS320C667x multicore programmable digital signal processors (DSPs). The architecture provides both configurability and scalability to realize a range of end systems. The platform is provisioned with a rich set of interfaces and can operate as a full length PCIe card or in a 1 RU rack unit.

Software systems for broadcast applications are available for licensing as software development kits (SDKs) with defined application programming interfaces (APIs) on TI’s DM816x and C667x processors. The SDKs include a multimedia framework, middleware and codecs. The video codecs provide for high-quality encoding in various formats at both standard and high-definition and support for 4:2:2 profiles. Ittiam’s SDKs for broadcast applications also include Ittiam’s audio codecs and other video and audio processing algorithms for de-interlacing, scaling and sample rate conversion.

Running on the Ittiam’s neonCaster platform, the SDKs are capable of delivering multiple streams of HD video encoding and transcoding as well as multi-channel SD video transcoding and high-density audio transcoding. The SDKs can also be ported to customer hardware.

Upgrades to the SDK for loudness control as per CALM/EBU R-128, adaptive streaming as per MPEG-DASH, statistical multiplexing and H.264 4:2:2 10-bit encoding will be available during the year.

“We are excited about the neonCaster platform that Ittiam is bringing to the market,” said Ramesh Kumar, business manager, multicore processors business unit, TI. “This will be the first single platform that will harness the density that our DaVInci DM8169 video processor offers with the high-performance and flexibility that our C6678 multicore DSP offers.”

Ittiam’s Broadcast Solutions and the neonCaster Hardware Platform will be on demonstration at Ittiam’s booth SU9704, South Upper Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, during NAB 2012 from 16th April to 19th April, 2012. To set up a meeting for product demonstrations or discussions, please contact nab2012@ittiam.com.

For more information on Ittiam’s Broadcast Solutions, please visit the Ittiam website at www.ittiam.com or contact mkt@ittiam.com .

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