Ittiam to Work with Microsoft on Developing Video Solutions for Next Generation Windows Mobile-based

Ittiam to Work with Microsoft on Developing Video Solutions for Next Generation Windows Mobile-based

August 25, 2005

Ittiam’s Windows Media Video 9 Decoder on Texas Instruments Digital Media processor part of the Portable Media Centers Kit offered to OEMs

Ittiam Systems today announced that it will work with Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) on developing video solutions for Microsoft’s next generation Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center devices.

Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers make it easy to store and play recorded digital television, movies, home videos, music and photos transferred from a PC with Windows XP. The launch of the platform has also allowed video content providers to develop new business models; legal access to movies, television shows and short clips continues to expand as more than 20 companies have made content available for viewing on Portable Media Centers.

“The variety of devices that support the Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers platform give people a choice of how they want to experience their digital entertainment – wherever, whenever,” said Brett Bentsen, product unit manager, Windows Mobile Media, Microsoft. “Working closely with Ittiam on developing codecs for our next iteration of the Portable Media Centers software will help our device manufacturers free up resources that can be used to differentiate themselves by providing people a wider selection of devices.”

“Ittiam has been working with TI’s family of Digital Media processors since its inception”, said Chris Schairbaum, worldwide business manager of TI’s Portable Audio and Infotainment business unit. “We are excited to see Microsoft and Ittiam capitalize on this expertise to provide superior video capabilities to OEMs for their portable media center projects.”

Ittiam and Microsoft have worked together on a set of codecs and functions ready to be delivered for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to take Portable Media Centers to market, including hardware reference platforms and board support packages. All the industry standard video decoders are available today for next generation Portable Media Centers manufacturers, and a variety of audio encoders and decoders are also available. Microsoft has selected Ittiam as one of the preferred suppliers for these codecs in addition to Windows Media Video 9 that is shipped with next generation Portable Media Centers kits.

“Ittiam Systems has been active player in portable media player applications since its early days of development, with multiple licensees to its credit. We believe Microsoft’s digital media strategy, bringing together hardware, software and content, will transform personal entertainment”, said Mr. Shantanu Jha, vice president, Media Processing. “Working with Microsoft as a key partner in the development of next generation Portable Media Centers endorses Ittiam’s position as the key player in portable media application and a leading supplier of video solutions on Texas Instrument’s (NYSE: TXN) platforms”, he added.

Ittiam will continue to significantly invest in its advanced media solutions and work closely with Microsoft to extend the utility and appeal of the Portable Media Centers platform.

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