Ittiam’s Wi-Fi IP Gets Strong Traction in Consumer Markets with Multi-million Units Production

Ittiam’s Wi-Fi IP Gets Strong Traction in Consumer Markets with Multi-million Units Production

May 24, 2012

Company licenses 802.11n MIMO and readies 802.11ac for future high speed Wi-Fi Connectivity

Bangalore, India May 24, 2012 – Ittiam Systems, a leader in providing digital Media Software IP and Communication based Silicon IP solutions, today announced that its Wi-Fi Silicon IP has received strong traction in ‘consumer market based SOCs’ leading to high volumes.

Ittiam has been developing and licensing Wi-Fi IP for SOC and FPGA based system customers for over a decade. Ittiam licenses the Wi-Fi Media Access Controller (MAC), Baseband Processing unit [PHY – Physical Layer] and the host interface. The Wi-Fi IP is based on IEEE 802.11a/b/g and 802.11b/g/n standards. Ittiam’s IP includes new features like Wi-Fi direct and Wi-Fi Protected Setup [WPS]. This IP has been designed into several SOCs of customers in US, Japan, China, Israel and many other countries. The customers have in turn designed theirs SOCs into multiple end-equipment.

Ittiam’s 802.11b/g and single stream 11n has received strong traction in Cellular and consumer applications. RDA Microelectronics, China based leading fabless IC design company, has used Ittiam’s Wi-Fi IP in their connectivity chip and released it for the cellular and consumer platforms. “Ittiam’s IP is of very good quality and is well designed for integration into the SOC. This allowed us to successfully integrate Ittiam’s Wi-Fi IP with our leading-edge RF transceiver and Bluetooth technologies to deliver highly competitive Connectivity chip” said Vincent Tai, Chairman and CEO of RDA Microelectronics. “Ittiam is well positioned to be the leader in the Wi-Fi IP Market”.

Ittiam has partnered with Silvus Technologies (California, USA) and now offers a broad suite of 802.11n MIMO [Multiple Input, Multiple Output] PHY and MAC IPs. Ittiam already has design wins for the MIMO solutions with SOC customers in North America, China and Japan who are expected to release the chips to market in 2012 with this IP. “We have had a successful partnership with Ittiam over the past five years to support SOC customers with MIMO technology. In the next phase of our partnership, Ittiam will build on top of Silvus MIMO PHY IP to independently address customer needs in 802.11n and 802.11ac. They are in a great position to successfully execute on this roadmap”, commented Babak Daneshrad, Chairman of Silvus Technologies.

Ittiam is making strong R&D investments to be ready for customers’ future needs. 802.11ac MAC is scheduled to be ready by end of 2012 followed by 802.11ac PHYin 2013. Ittiam also works with leading wireless IP companies like InterDigital in exploring new technologies such as dynamic spectrum management to exploit the TV Whitespace.

As per the latest press release from Wi-Fi Alliance, shipments of Wi-Fi devices reached nearly 1.1 billion in 2011 and are expected to double by 2015. This includes home and mobile device category, automotive, smart metering, automation, health and medical products. Since many of these devices are driven heavily by cost and form factor, Wireless LAN IP based SOCs emerge as ultimate winners for most of these applications. Ittiam also works closely with the customers and provides consultancy on the SOC [System on Chip] architecture that is suitable for Wi-Fi. This includes suggestions on the CPU Core, Bus architecture, memory sub-system and interfaces. Ittiam has several (filed and granted) Patents in this domain. It is also a member of Wi-Fi Alliance® Group.

“Ittiam envisaged the market to explode with Wi-Fi being the leading technology in ‘Internet of things’ more than a decade ago and hence invested and continue to invest in this domain heavily” said Ravi Shankar Ganesan, Vice President and head of Silicon IP Business Unit of Ittiam.

About Ittiam Systems Private Limited

Ittiam Systems Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a technology company singularly focused on embedded media centric systems. It operates through its network of offices and representatives around the world. Ittiam’s customers include world’s leading electronics companies for its software-and-system IP and semiconductor companies for its system-on-chip IP. Since 2004 the company has been consistently rated as the “World’s Most Preferred DSP IP Supplier” in the annual surveys conducted by Forward Concepts Incorporated. In 2005 Ittiam had been selected by Red Herring into the top 100 private companies in Asia. In February 2007, Ittiam received the NASSCOM India IT Innovation Award, a prestigious recognition. In July 2011 Ittiam’s VC won the Product of the Year 2010 from Communications Solutions. In January 2012 Ittiam’s VCS-FHD and VNS-CPlus were awarded Internet Telephony 2011 Product of the year. Embedding Ittiam IP inside, the annual volume of customers’ products shipped such as Smartphones, Tablets, Video Communication Devices and Wi-Fi Chipsets is in several tens of million units.

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