Tribeway brings picture based live interaction over text and voice to mobiles

Tribeway brings picture based live interaction over text and voice to mobiles

December 11, 2015

Tribeway combines networking and instant messaging to create a live interactive experience with pictures, messages and HD voice call

Santa Clara, CA – Ittiam Systems today announced the availability of tribeway, a content based application for communication, networking and live interaction.

At the heart of it, tribeway is a high touch interaction within a personal network of friends. It is all about active conversation with pictures, not just passive shares from gallery or camera. For example, everything that is talked about a picture over any period time, is recorded as a crisp conversation despite unrelated messages in between. So there is no need to spend time searching for all the comments made about a picture anymore. They are all neatly stored as conversations. Not just pictures, users can create posts and share an entire story as they message.

Whenever text becomes a constraint and there is a need to talk, tribeway lets users seamlessly switch to multi-way voice call with real-time interaction over pictures. At any point of the interaction, anyone can point, zoom or pan the picture for the rest to see. So, conversations are truly meaningful and interactive.

Unlike messaging applications, in tribeway, there is no chance of a friend missing a message despite the volume. Users can alert specific people by simply mentioning their names in the message. It ensures that the friend gets an immediate alert sent just to him or her.

Of course, there are many uses of tribeway. Wherever there is a need to interact or collaborate over content, it offers just the right features to do so. The applications range from the day-to-day interaction between friends or co-workers to remote support or consultation for businesses.

Tribeway, is currently available on Android®. It runs on any device supporting Android 4.1 or above. iOS® version is scheduled for launch by March 2016.

For more information, refer to www.tribeway.com. Tribeway can be downloaded from Google play store.

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