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VP9 is one of the next generation video compression technologies promising up to 2X compression over H.264 or VP8. Developed and promoted by Google as an open, royalty free standard, VP9 is already scheduled to be the next format for the popular video sharing website YouTube. The emergence of VP9 coincides with that of HEVC, a competing compression technology. As online video gets ubiquitous, both standards are likely to co-exist and contribute to enhanced user experience for video consumption and drive adoption of higher resolutions like 4K/UHD.

Although a fairly optimized software implementation of the VP9 decoder is available as part of WebM distribution, this does not scale well to HD and 4K resolutions on resource and power constrained processor platforms used in mobile devices, set top boxes, etc. With hardware acceleration facing barriers of lead time and cost, a GPU-accelerated software decoder can be a viable alternative to meet the needs of devices and products to support VP9.

This is where Ittiam brings in its video technology expertise and experience of extracting the best performance from embedded platforms. Designed to leverage both CPU and GPU processing elements of the SOC, Ittiam’s VP9 decoder requires fewer cores at lower frequencies to deliver High Definition video. The solution for both portable and other smart devices enables better video experience without compromising the power consumption.

VP9 is also integrated into Ittiam’s Cloud workflow products thereby providing an end-to-end platform for delivering VP9 based online video services.


Decoders for a variety of ARM based platforms with both CPU only and GPU accelerated versions

End-to-end platform for VP9 based online video streaming services

Ittiam Advantage

Available NowAvailable Now
Ittiam’s VP9 decoder is available now and already embedded in customer products
GPU AcceleratedGPU Accelerated
OpenCL based GPU accelerated implementation to achieve lower power consumption and better performance scaling to higher resolutions
End-to-End SolutionsEnd-to-End Solutions
Decoders, Media SDKs and Cloud workflow solutions to deploy online video services with VP9
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