HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) – also known as ITU-T H.265 – is a new, paradigm-shifting video compression technology that promises up to 2X bandwidth savings over H.264 based compression. This promise of bandwidth reduction has made HEVC a key factor that drives better quality at the same bandwidth and enables deployments of higher resolutions like 4K/UHD possible.

Ittiam has been at the forefront of delivering products based on H.265/HEVC technology. Available for licensing since 2012, Ittiam’s H.265 products are production ready, validated and deployed by several customers. Focused on compression and performance efficiency, Ittiam’s products are consistently rated high.

Ittiam offers a full suite of H.265/HEVC products. Our solutions cater to a wide range of applications like content repurposing, Over-the-Top (OTT) delivery, VoD, Adaptive Streaming, Contribution encoding and live streaming/encoding.

Pristine Quality Encoder

  • Pristine Quality encoder for maximum compression efficiency
  • For high quality, premium content repurposing for OTT delivery

High Speed Encoder

  • Performance optimized for broadcast grade quality encoding
  • For fast and live encoding for distribution, mobile OTT and adaptive streaming

Low Power Encoder

  • GPU accelerated encoder for broadcast grade quality real time HD
  • For low power real time encoding for contribution, live events

Live 4K/UHD Encoder

  • GPU accelerated, multi processor encoder for high performance real time 4K/UHD
  • For high resolution live sports/event broadcasting and contribution

Professional Decoder

  • Multi-core software decoder for studio grade 4K/UHD decoding
  • For Broadcast IRD, monitoring, editing and related applications

Consumer Decoder

  • Software only and GPU accelerated decoders for consumer grade processors
  • For Smartphones, Tablets, Set Top Boxes and other consumer products

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H.265/HEVC System SDKs

In addition to the codec SDKs, Ittiam enables rapid product realization through targeted system SDKs

Live Encoder SDK:
Live encoding system SDK handling complete media pipeline from AV capture to stream out
Transcoder SDK:
Transcoding system SDK for real time and offline transcoding with both file and streaming I/O support


Feature rich:
Supports popular file and streaming formats like MP4, MPEG2-TS, MPEG-DASH and HLS. Full support for Adaptive streaming (multi-bitrate, multi-res), closed caption (CC) and Metadata insertion
High performance and quality:
Leverages Ittiam’s class leading H.265/HEVC codecs and deep embedded systems engineering expertise to deliver superior system performance
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Platforms & Availability

  • Encoders: Intel x86 multi-core processors. Intel integrated graphics (Haswell architecture) for GPU/OpenCL acceleration
  • Decoders: Intel x86 and ARM Cortex Ax series multi-core processors. ARM MALI GPU for GPU/OpenCL acceleration


2 Pass EncodingSuperior Quality
Advanced toolsets including 2-pass encoding and 4:2:2 12-bit range extensions
Adaptive Bit Rate SolutionsMulti-bit rate multi-resolution
Efficient multi-bit rate and multi-resolution encoding for high density adaptive bit rate solutions
Integration with Linux, Windows SDKEase of integration
Linux and Windows SDKs for Intel x86 platforms. Options for standalone SDK or FFMPEG plug-ins (encoders) and ready plug-ins for popular media frameworks like Android, VLC (decoders)
HD or UHD or 4KClass leading performance
HD and UHD/4K real time processing on low power CPU + GPU
High qulaity performanceProven
Licensed and deployed in several products already. Rated highly for quality and performance
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