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H.265, also known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), is the latest video codec standard. The first version of the standard was ratified in April 2013. Versions 2 and 3 of the standard published since then have several range extension, scalable extension and multi-view coding profiles.

H.265 achieves up to 2X bandwidth savings over previous generation H.264/MPEG-4 AVC based technologies. Alternately, H.265 encoded streams can offer higher quality than H.264 streams encoded at the same bit-rate. The H.265 standard supports UHD resolutions, including 4K and 8K, and format range extensions (RExt) for higher bit depths and up to 4:4:4 chroma sub sampling.

These advantages are a key factor driving the adoption of the H.265 codec across the Digital Media Creation, Distribution and Consumption chain. Applications include

  • Film Post Production, Non Linear Editing (NLE)
  • Mezzanine Formats, Storage
  • Contribution, Live Broadcast
  • Content Repurposing
  • VOD, OTT and Mobile Delivery
  • Monitoring, Integrated Receiver / Decoders (IRDs) and Studio Playback
  • Mobile Playback


Ittiam has been at the forefront of development of products based on H.265/HEVC technology. Available and licensed since 2012, Ittiam’s i265 family of H.265 software codecs (Encoders and Decoders) are available on a range of Intel x86 and ARM Cortex Ax platforms. They have been deployed and are in production in a number of customer products and services including some of the largest players in the broadcast industry.

i265 Encoders

Ittiam’s i265 family of H.265 encoders includes two encoder products to address different market segments with varying quality and performance requirements. Additionally, each of these products have implementations targeted at specific platforms to achieve higher levels of performance and provide compelling cost and power benefits.

i.265-PQ Pristine Quality H.265 Encoder

  • Highest Video Quality encoding, up to 4:2:2, 12 bit, 8K support
  • For premium content, offline encoding

i.265-HS High Speed H.265 Encoder

  • Speed optimized, Broadcast quality encoding
  • Scales to HD and UHD Live Encoding
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Superior Quality
  • Advanced algorithms tuned for highest video quality
  • Comprehensive tool set
  • Support for 2-pass encoding
  • Support for Interlace encoding
  • Support for perceptual quality tuned encoding
  • Support for noise and film grain preservation
Class leading performance
  • Performance optimized across algorithms and code
  • Scalable design across cores, sockets and processors
  • Graphics acceleration using OpenCL and Multi CPU+GPU options as part of GPU (ix) and VCA (vx) implementations
  • Auto selection of SIMD optimizations based on architecture
Comprehensive HDR
  • Complete support for up to 4:2:2 12-bit range extensions
  • Support for REC 2020 color space
  • Supports signaling for REC 2020, BT.709, BT.609
  • Supports Mastering Display SMPTE ST 2086 and ST 2084
Efficient ABR
  • GOP aligned multi bit rate and multi-resolution encoding
  • Optimized performance with >2x gains in typical ABR configurations
  • Support for Aligned Intras across multiple bit rates and resolutions
Look Ahead Processing
  • For better compression in presence of creative effects
  • Support for Scene Cuts, Fade, Dissolve and Flash
  • Complexity and Scene based perceptual quantization
  • Rigorous Functional, Video Quality and Interoperability Tests
  • Integrated into commercial workflows and media processing pipelines
  • Licensed and deployed in several products
Advanced Rate and GOP Control
  • Supports Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Constant Quality encoding mode using Capped Variable Bit Rate (CaVBR)
  • Support for 2 pass encoding
  • Support for dynamic bit rate and resolution change
  • Configurable IDR/CDR periods, Forced IDRs for chapter support
Easy Integration
  • Simple APIs – supports both synchronous and asynchronous calls
  • Support for Ancillary data, including SEI (Picture Timing), VUI (ITU-R BT.709/BT-601/BT.2020) and User Data (Closed Caption, AFD)
  • Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X SDKs
  • Options for standalone SDK or FFMPEG plug-ins

i265 Implementations


  • Products: i265-PQ and i265-HS
  • Support for SSE 4.1 and above
  • Up to 8K offline encoding
  • Up to 4Kp60 real time encoding
  • Suitable for all broadcast applications using Intel x86 based desktops, servers and cloud instances

GPU (ix)

  • Products: i265-HS-ix (i265-PQ-ix coming soon)
  • GPU/OpenCL accelerated for faster processing
  • Up to 1080p60 Encoding on a single device
  • Designed for Intel Haswell and Broadwell devices, with support for Intel HD Graphics, Iris and Iris Pro GPUs
  • Cost and power optimized solution for Desktops, Portable Equipment and Field Equipment
  • Ideal for Digital Mobile News Gathering, Contribution Encoding, and dense transcoding applications
  • Supports all features and tool sets for Main and Main 10 Profile encoding of base implementations

VCA (vx)

  • Products: i265-HS-vx (i265-PQ-vx coming soon)
  • Designed for Intel® VCA Media Processing Card containing 3x Xeon E3v4 with high speed PCIe interconnect
  • Very high quality real time HD encoding options
  • Very high density HD encoding and transcoding
  • Future proof solution with scalability up to real time 8K encoding
  • Main 10 and other profile support

H.265 Decoders

Ittiam’s i265 family of products includes H.265 decoders for Professional and Consumer applications.

Professional H.265 Decoder

  • Multi-core software decoder for studio grade 4K/UHD Main 10 and 422 decoding
  • Optimized for Intel x86 architecture
  • Support for high data rates permitted for profile-level combination
  • Memory optimized mode with support for I-only, Skip P, Skip B modes for high channel density monitoring applications
  • Supports parsing and export of VUI parameters
  • Supports export of SEI User data (including CC data), AFD and PTS association
  • Error resilience and concealment support for erroneous streams
  • OpenCL based GPU acceleration for Intel HD Graphics, Iris and Iris Pro GPUs and AMD GPUs
  • Linux, Windows and Apple Mac OS X support
  • VLC and FFmpeg plug-ins available
  • For Broadcast IRD, monitoring, editing and related applications

Consumer H.265 Decoder

  • Software only and GPU accelerated decoders for mobile and consumer grade processors
  • Optimized for 32 and 64 bit ARM Cortex Ax processors
  • Advanced Multithreading to achieve high performance scaling across cores
  • OpenCL based GPU acceleration support for ARM MALI GPUs. Also available on other GPUs with OpenCL support.
  • Up to UHD/4K support
  • Error Resilient. Exhaustively tested for Packet loss errors and bit errors
  • Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows support
  • Integrated into Android StageFright Media Framework (Supports OMX APIs)
  • Integrated into FFmpeg, VLC and GStreamer frameworks
  • For Smartphones, Tablets, Set Top Boxes and other consumer products
  • Customer products have shipped in millions of units

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